Awareness of Divine Timing Can Help to Reach Success and Find the True Self


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For many people it is difficult to find a balance between the demands of life and our own spirituality. The term to be ‘in tune’ is often used as a way to describe this balance, meaning to be in tune with one’s self and intuition. However, the noise and distraction of modern life easily shakes us out of this much needed focus.

One way to regain inner balance is to be attentive to when and why things happen. This is called divine timing, and becoming aware of it can help restore a sense of balance.

Increasing Awareness

One of the main principles behind spiritual practices is awareness of the here and now. This is more challening nowadays because of the amount of distractions and worries which the average person is subjected to.

Awareness means to pay attention to what is really happening both inside and outside of one’s self. An example is noticing every thought and considering where it comes from and why.

Oftentimes these thoughts result from places of fear and anger, causing anxiety and stress. This causes the mind to focus on problems which do not, or may not exist. Thus, the thinker is not aware of the moment, and cannot be perceptive to the signs that may present themselves.

Noticing the Signs

Finding spiritual balance allows one to listent to their intuition and learn about themsevles through an unfiltered lens. Much of the average person’s needs and wants are often dictated by society, family, religion, as well as comparisons with others. These desires are not necessarily coming from an authentic self, but from a place of competition and fear.

Learning to notice the signs that appear, both internally and externally can result in understanding who the real self is. These signs can appear at any moment, or arise from different situations.

For example, watching a film about mountains might spark some long subdued desire to be outdoors. Similarly, seeing a dog in the park might awaken fantasies about owning a pet. While these situations seem inconsequential, they can be clues to the real needs and wants for each person.

Understanding these feelings and thoughts as ‘signs’ is a practice in attention and maintaining a mind free from worry.

Taking Advantage of Divine Timing

Not only ‘what’ but ‘when’ signs appear is important to note. This is called divine timing, and it refers to signs showing up at specific moments which can be understood along with their context.

One example is if a potential project falls through, which would typically be seen as a failure or misfortune. However, under the principles of divine timing, these situations happen for a reason. Perhaps it was not yet time, or the knowledge and tools to perform the project were not there yet and there are other lessons to be learned first.

The project could also have led down a path that would deviate from a truer purpose more aligned with the individual. Then such misfortune could be seen as a way of rectifying the path forward, or making it clearer.

The danger lies in not seeing the signs, and entering into a state of nervous fixation with the desired goal. Forcing it leads down a path of anxiety and stress, instead of flowing with life and learning from each sign.

Living With the Unknown

Ultimately, learning to accept the different signs that carry clues about the self means relaxing the constant need to progress quickly. It’s important to take a step back and learn to tune the mind and body to the universal vibrations around.

This may seem counter intuitive, but it’s worth considering that it’s our natural state. Compare this to the speed at which society moves, and the impatience many people have to reach their goals or attain all they desire.

Of course, this also requires faith in a non-religious sense, but faith in that things happen when they need to happen. Understanding this opens the door to working steadily and with a clear mind that’s attentive to the signs around it, rather than with a focus on the future or on fear.

Living with the unknown and being aware of divine timing allows one to reach a balance between their spiritual and physical selves.