Montreal – Skver Yeshiva gets attacked by Molotov Cocktail


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The Canadian Jewish Congress, (Quebec Region) strongly condemmed a weekend attack on the Skver-Toldos Orthodox Jewish Boys school in Outremont. Police are investigating the incident, in which a Molotov cocktail was thrown through a window into the vestibule of the building shortly after midnight on Friday evening, only minutes after the school had been vacated.

[Surveillance video recovered by Montreal police shows a masked? man throwing? a firebomb? at the door of an orthodox Jewish school in an attack early Saturday. In the video, the man? takes a few steps toward the entrance, then steps back? to throw a lighted Molotov cocktail. He removes his mask as he steps out of the video? frame, but his face is not visible.]

“Such hateful acts cannot be tolerated by our society,” said CJC QR President Jeffrey K. Boro. “It is a sad day for all Quebecers when we witness, in a province so well known for its commitment to tolerance and vigilance in the fight against all forms of racism, the violent targeting of a religious building.

“We cannot concede even the smallest degree of success to the destructive ambitions of those who seek to promote hatred and contempt for others, and to challenge Quebec’s well earned reputation for openness and diversity. We call on all Quebecers, and particularly our political leaders, to stand up and decry this antisemitic act.
“We have every confidence that the perpetrators of this despicable attack will be caught by police and charged accordingly,” Boro said.