Orange County (NY) – Kosher market shut down by city


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Town officials and sheriff’s deputies today shut Orange Kosher Market on Route 17M after it failed to comply with repairs ordered by the Blooming Grove town building inspector.
State Supreme Court Justice Lawrence Horowitz directed deputies to help the building inspector lock down the business at 1025 Route 17M. The town has been seeking an injunction to close the market, which it says was built and opened illegally.
Customers, mostly Orthodox Jews, and employees were turned away this afternoon by Orange County Sheriff’s Capt. Dennis Barry and town Building Inspector Jeanne Ovensen. Those inside the store were allowed to finish their shopping. Many patrons sought answers and weren’t given any.
A sign reading “this building closed to the public by order of the state supreme court? was affixed to sliding doors on the market, and on windows throughout the building.
Goshen lawyer Alan Lipman said the market’s owner has been working to address the code issues. There appear to be several companies which own the building, but it was unclear who owned the market.
“Fundamentally, there’s no doubt there is work that needs be done and (the owner) is in the process of doing that,? Lipman said.
The controversy began late last year, when the two-story building that houses the market was under construction. A stop-work order was issued Sept. 22. Construction continued despite the order. The latest issue is with the building’s septic, which has been seeping in the parking lot, sources said.
Ovensen refused to answer questions regarding what issues the owner failed to fix and said: “It’s a court order. I’m here to enforce it. That’s all I’m saying.?
After the patrons vacated the store and officials left the property, the door continued to slide open and closed.



  1. If even the town attorney agrees that efforts are being made, they could have been decent and allowed it to remain open during Chol Hamoed so that people could do their shopping for the chag. A septic tank seeping into the parking lot (assuming this is really the case) does not affect the store inside, and arrangements could have been made.

    This sounds like an attempt on the part of anti-Semites or self haters of Jewish descent to keep frum Jews out of a given area.