Neturei Karta crosses the line!


nkusa3.jpgIn my humble opinion, after reading the following article which appeared on an Iranian News website – I felt sickened to my stomach. How could this sub-human who identifies himself as a “chief rabbi” have the audacity to say that “But we believe that Zionists have and are still misusing the blood of those Jews killed in Europe during World War II.

Without delving into the issue if the Zionist State is Kineged Halacha or not, this man has no right to use the 6 million KEDOSHIM HY”D who were murdered at the hands of the Nazis YM”S as a pawn in his chess game against the State of Israel.

nkusa6.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Rabbi Yisroel David Weiss, spokesman of the Anti-Zionist Jewish movement ‘Neturei Karta’, stressed here on Monday that the Israeli state must be totally dismantled as it is in direct contradiction to the religious injunctions and teachings of the Torah, Talmud and Judaism.

The reality of the Holocaust has remained hidden for the last 60 years. The Jewish community has always been and voiced its opposition to the establishment of a Jewish state all throughout the contemporary era, because God has commanded us to remain in exile forever,” Rabbi Weiss said, appreciating Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for raising the question on the Holocaust.

nkusa5.jpgReiterating the contradiction between establishment of a Jewish state and divine decrees, he also stressed that creation of two governments and states in Palestine is illegitimate as well.

“The Israeli government and state must be dismantled totally, because it is in direct opposition to our religious injunctions and teachings,” Weiss underscored.

He further reminded that no one is attempting to exonerate Nazis from their crimes, adding, “But we believe that Zionists have and are still misusing the blood of those Jews killed in Europe during World War II.”

nkusa4.jpgThe Rabbi also pointed out that the German government should account for its crimes against the Jews, while the Zionists must account for their crimes against Palestinians.

He called for the formation of an international tribunal to help the Jewish and Palestinian nations get rid of the Zionists’ yoke.


  1. This is all stuff they’ve said a thousand times before. The kushya is on us. Why do we still give these sickos entry into our communities? They are rodfim; they should be expelled.

  2. ” WHAT a chutzpah , What a chutzpah . I realize that there positions in
    the talmud and other places but they dont have the right to use the shoah
    for their rejection of the state. they have denegrated the victims

  3. In my humble opinion you are totally correct. Nevertheless, they should be completely ignored. They thrive on publicity. The only live for publicity. It they would be ignored they would curl up into a ball and die.

  4. Those who represent themselves as “the” neturei karta may be nothing more than afew misguided individuals who happen to belong to that organization. To say that their consorting actions with the sworn enemies of Am Yisroel AND HASHEM represents all of neturei karta is hard to believe.
    (Note:In three places in chumash Rashi z”l says that the enemies of Am Yisroel are the enemies of Hashem and vice versa.)

    As far as someone calling himself “Chief Rabbi” or any other title, this is part of the pervasive shekker that permeates society. People frequently represent themselves with titles that have no relationship to any achieved level of accomplishment.

  5. I have known one of these men from Manchester England and am scratching my head as to when he must have some kind of accident that he became such an idiot. The scary thing is that he is a very intelligent and an educated man. we can only daven that they should have a refuah shelaima bekorov and they do teshuva.

  6. “Like it or not, Satmar Rebbe Z”L said straight out in several places that the Holocaust was caused by the Zionists”

    Did you read the article?

    These are the points made:

    1)”But we believe that Zionists have and are still misusing the blood of those Jews killed in Europe during World War II.“

    2)”The reality of the Holocaust has remained hidden for the last 60 years”

    3)“But we believe that Zionists have and are still misusing the blood of those Jews killed in Europe during World War II.”

    Where exactly did you find ANYTHING alluding to “Satmar Rebbe Z”L said straight out in several places that the Holocaust was caused by the Zionists”??!!

  7. esg78,

    We tried your theory untill now and it was proven wrong! By us ignoring them it doesnt stop the World Media from giving them all the attention they thirst for. We must do something immediatly to stop them! Where are the rabbonim on the important issues?? what is worse, an airline being mechalel Shabbos or treason against our own causing death and destruction not to mention a huge chillul hashem? (not that I am condoning ELAL) These rats are living in our comunity, why are there kids in our yeshivas?? Why are they shopping in our stores?? why are they davening in our shuls?? WHY ARE THERE HOUSES STILL STANDING????? How can we stand by silently while these gestapo destroy us?

    I may be getting to worked up just writing this post but it gets me sick to my stomach reading this garbage and I feel that we all have to get together(that includes me and you, the person reading this post) and do whatever we can to stop this from going on. Dont just sit back with the excuse that they want attention so you are not going to do anything.

    May Hakodosh Baruch Hu help us destroy the evil that we face and avoid any more of this tremendous chillul Hashem.

  8. 1) These ktanim are indeed just out for publicity or are on the payroll of Islamic terror. If the latter, they need to be investigated immediately. But in any case, we don’t need to give them publicity.

    2) Whatever is left of the authentic Neturei Karta of Reb Amram Bloy ZYA has NOTHING to do with these clowns. They are in CHEREM across the board. Reb Amram ZYA was known for his ahavas Yisroel. These guys are zeyr shtark meshugge.

    3) Satmar has NO connection with even the legitimate Neturei Karta.

  9. Y.W. Editor, you seem to go into a tizzy every time they get attention. There tactic is precisely to get attention. Those threatening physical violence against them have big mouths. They won’t risk jail time for themselves.

    The bottom line is the media finds their message quite interesting and it makes a good story. They will continue showering attention on them. And further, they have their own Rabbonim and Batei Dinnim, so if an outside Rabbi issued some “edict” against them it will have no practical effect. They are self-sustaining. Those who will ever be opposed to them, are already opposed to them.

    What it boils down to is, like it or not, you’ll have to live with them. You may vehemently disagree with them, as you may with Lubavitch/Brisk/Satmar/etc. depending on your viewpoint and vehemence. But you don’t have any power to interfere with them.

  10. These guy’s are traitors, by the muslims they would be hung in the city center. The fact that they are living and walking among us shows that we are in fact a tolarent people.

    We would like an explanation, if they think they are helping the jews and saving us, they should know they will be the first ones to get killed, just like by the jews that collaberated with the nazis.

    As a matter of fact me and my boys gonna hunt them down and take em out, we dont even wanna hear an explanation. wad ya say bout dat he

  11. the iranians are building the nucleur bomb to wipe us all out weather neturei karta or not.The first holocust was abviously not enough for these iranians. what does they’re silly hatred for israel have to do with this conference ? Do these traitors daven at hitler’s or musilini’s grave ?

  12. where are the rabbis that got all worked up on elal being mechalel shabbos (while israir is mechalel shabbos every week) here these traitors are being mechalel shem shamayim (just wondering did these traitors bring along kosher food to iran or they just ate hallal ? did they daven with a minyan or they went to the local mosqe while they were in iran ?

  13. The only way to stop these traitors is to post these pictures in all the shuls world wide with a note written on it not to let these fanatics in. or to post all they’re information on the internet so that they should see how outraged the bnei torah are, and that if they don’t stop with their shinanigans people will know where to find them.
    Let’s face it this must be stoped, we can’t just sit idly by like suckers and let this happen time and time again.It’s a major chillul hashem and it will backfire on us the frum jews, when a non jew sees this, he assumes that this is the opinion of all the orthodox jews. where’s the outrage

  14. destro613,

    Your handle is apt, because cynicism does destroy. Your subtle derision toward the decisions of our Gedolim doesn’t reflect well on part two of your handle, as most of us are not great or wise enough to make decisions on how to preserve our existence with “613”.

    As is obvious to most, putting NK in cheirim would be the height of PC, as they are so publicly horrific. No one would have an argument with that- it would be met with resounding applause. The other situations you mention elicits many a nasty backlash, (as evidenced by your post), and demonstrates the willingness of our Torah Greats to make difficult decisions for the greater good of our nation, WITHOUT factoring in PC.

    We don’t have access to why these characters haven’t been put in Cheirim; however, we all benefit from refraining from knee-jerk reactions that (popularly) denigrate our Gedolim.

  15. I think chillul Shabos bifahesya is worse. After all, what damage can these Neturai Karta chayos really do? They can’t really hurt us. It’s all up to Hashem. They THINK they are protecting themselves, by telling Muslims that they are also against Zionism, and parroting Arab anti-Semitic remarks. Their statement that “The reality of the Holocaust has remained hidden for the last 60 years” is just another way of repeating what Ahamenijedad has said, that the Holocaust was a myth to get the world’s sympathy. The NK just said the same thing without calling it a myth.

  16. What really gets me is the apikorsus they said, which no one seems to have caught. They said “…because God has commanded us to remain in exile forever…” FOREVER? Is that what the Niturai Karta believe? We are supposed to be in galus FOREVER? How far will they go to get in good favor with the Muslims? They even publicly deny belief in the Geulah Ha’asidah! One of the Ikkrim of Yahadus, and they just throw it away! Why? Because they believe that saying so will protect them from the day of wrath that they so strongly believe will happen when all the Zionists get punished for creating and maintaining the state of Israel.

  17. How are they attending a Holacaust denying conference. When they claim that the holocaust was caused because of the Zionists?. They themselves are quoted as saying tjat the Zionists must be held accountable for their crimes.

  18. eggy wegs Says:
    December 11th, 2006 at 9:42 pm

    the chofetz chaim said that the holocaust was caused by ppl talking in shul..

    Why are you making up lies? The Chofetz Chaim ztz”l was niftar in 1933 !
    [The holocaust didn’t start until 1938 at the earliest]

  19. The Chofetz Chayim clearly predicted WWII. He even said exactly what year it would start. Furthermore, the Meschech Chochmah predicted WWII, though in less clear terms, but he predicted precisely WHERE it would begin. He said it would begin in Berlin. The Gedolim kept warning us for YEARS before WWII happened. At least two of the Stoliner Rebbes kept warning people, including other Gedolim. I have even seen pictures of signs that were put up in the early nineteen thirties in Europe that warned people that we must do teshuvah to avert the disaster.

  20. destro613,

    Then I guess we don’t share a common language. Your worldview of “All the Rabbis care about is money and PC” is sad, and also mirrors that of many other streams of Judaism who reject Da’as Torah and openly mock our leaders.

    I am not sure why you find Yeshivaworld interesting, but coming from a world other than a yeshivaworld, I imagine you find it helpful to add pluralism to the voices. I am not sure that disrespect to the Yeshiva world’s Gedolim is acceptable to frum Bnei Torah. I’m sure that you don’t support Chutzpah in children’s classrooms- as adults, we are held to a higher standard, not lower.

    All the best

  21. To Motcha (and reglofca)
    Right on. Furthermore the Imrie Emes (Ger rebbe) said the reason the Sephardim did not suffer the holocaust was because they had respect for their shuls.
    BTW; the Tosfos Yom tov (of the mishnayos) said the troubles of the Cossack pogroms T”CH & T”AT was a direct result of talking in shul.

  22. What does this mean when one says they have just now crossed the line? Didn’t they cross the line long ago, with their intimidation tactics (incl. violence) against those who don’t share their hashkafa, their bizayon of Gedolei Torah who didn’t tow their line and their public embrace of known anti-Semites? Could it be that some among us only now see them for the dangerous looney fringe that they are precisely bec. many of their ideas have been adopted as mainstream Charedi thinking? How many among us would even think twice about their placards denigrating HaGaon HaRav Kook zt’l, but are no longer so complacent when their venom is directed towards HaRav Shteinman shlita? Or will it take more photos of these nuts with Ahmedinejad yemach shemo slobbering over each other to wake us up to what is wrong with OUR thinking.

  23. When most people talk about NK they don’t know the difference between Satmar and NK and where they differ. My point was that the NK many times use statements of Tzaddikim and people become so enraged at the NK for some of their actions that they disqualify them entirely.

    There is A LOT of truth in what they do and say, but we believe they have misintepreted the true Torah haschafa in dealing with this issue.

    They are still 1000% times better than the “Frum” Jews who sit in the Knesset!

  24. To ikzalbysy: Those who rely on clear psakim from recognized Gedolai Yisroel and sit in the Knesset are 1000 times worse than these menuvalim who have nothing to rely on, but there own lust for publicity.

  25. att “ikzalbysy”
    A LOT OF TRUTH-according to who?
    I wouldnt spend my time judging the frumkeit, yires shamyim or secher of any other jew (even those who sit in the Knesset), after 120 yrs. the answers will be revealed, and the olam hasheker will be exposed.

  26. ikzalbysy- a lot better then the frum jews in the knesset? why?because you dont share all their views? The chillul hashem of these neturei karta is unmatchable…they are kofrim biekur over and over and over…they have no sense of right and wrong…there is simply no comparison.

  27. YW Editor,

    Maybe the first thing we can do to stop this Chillul Hashem would be to set up a petition for people to sign with there true names. People that are ready to create an organization that can combat these traitors. I would invision an organization that would bring together all different groups (Chaseideim, Sphardim, Agudah, Young Israel etc.) and create a central fighting force obviously with the guidance of all the rabonim. Let the media know that there will be other orthodox Rabbis that will debate the NK and not every orthodox jew thinks like them.

  28. for a rabbi or any frumer yid to say “because God has commanded us to remain in exile forever,” Rabbi Weiss said” shows you how much these people know and how muchthey represent Torah.
    g-d bless us and protect us from these kinds of religous pepole that are making the bigest chilul hashem barabim

  29. everywhere they go we should follow them. we should go and give them signs saying that NK= nazi
    we should protest infront of them, saying that there is no teshuva for chillul hashem.
    we do not know how much of them they are. But i ll tell you this, the media likes them and ignorant people listen to the media. One of the major reasons for the shoa was the media. We should put all of them in cheirem. Find a way to differentiate between them and other chassidim. if and when we see them we should beat them