Weiss gets ripped to shreds in radio interview


weiss.jpgClick HERE to hear a 30 minute interview with Mr. Achmed Weiss of Monsey NY on the radio.

There is a protest scheduled for Sunday, January 7 at 1:00PM by Neturei Karta Headquaters located at 102 Saddle River Road, Monsey NY. For bus transportation from Brooklyn call 212-252-3383.


  1. This interview is what makes the Chillul Hashem – why are they going on a non-jewish station and fighting. If either side had a iota of L’shem Shomaim they wouldn’t do this. Does anyone have the opinions of R’ Eliashev or R’ Kanievsky or R’ Shteinman on this topic?

  2. Actually most of the callers were very lax on him, even worse they address him Rabbi. In what regard is he a Rabbi??? A shame to all Rabbonim if this vile creature is called a Rabbi. You should hear his outcry when someone dared not calling him Rabbi, such Gaveh!!!!!!!!!! I hope I never meet any of them I would just start punching and spitting on them without control. This Ocher Yisroel!!!

    This article has it correct “Weiss” or “Mr Weiss”.

  3. The interview was a terrible Chillul Hashem. An objective person listening comes out hearing how the orthodox jews are fighting, and no side clearly “won” the argument. Nothing good came out of it. It would of been better if they had someone who clearly spoke out the truth, why NK is wrong, without letting Mr. Weiss rant and ramble… This whole issue is gaining way too much negative publicity!!

  4. granting an interview to weiss is exactly what he wanted. Whether he got ripped to shreds or not all he wants is publicity. They went to iran just for publicity. Their whole platform and everything they stand up for is all nonsense- its only to get their “ten minutes of fame”. WE MUST STOP AND PROTEST ALL THOSE THAT ARE GRANTING THESE JEWISH ANTI SEMITES INTERVIEWS AND PUBLICITY!!

  5. Personally I do not see see that he was ripped to shreds. He was able to speak his point very thoroughly and someone that does not know the behind the scenes info. ( like the woman who called up) may actually think that he has what to say for himself (chas veshalom). I see no good coming out of interviews such as these!

  6. The reason why people can’t access it is because you need Quick Time installed on your computer. If you don’t have it you can download the free version at their site (do a google or live search).

  7. BiMechilas Kvodchem. Interviews of someone who has been placed in Cherem (by many Rabbanim and Batei Din) is a violation of the Cherem. The interviewers and other participants — Jewish and Gentile — should be warned to cease and desist; otherwise, they too may be put in Cherem (excommunicated).

  8. All his points about Israel and the Holocost are valid – what he is saying is that Israel is the cause of the anti-semitism and if there is no Israel then their won’t be the hate. Like the famous story about the guy in a traif restaurant that he had to eat traif in order to kiss up to the politicians – so the Rabbi gave him a Moshul of the guy with freezing ears in the winter and told him to rub snow on it – it helped – so the guy says “thank God it’s winter so there is snow”. Thats his point about Israel. And about sitting with this nut in Iran – he thinks the world is misquoting the guy and he doesn’t hate Jews just Israel – I think there is too many recordings of this guys hatered to all jews and these guys should not sit with him – and even if you want to – don’t do it a anti-holocost convention.

  9. Is there anyone out there who has some thoughts on what the ‘David Dukes’ out there think of NK,,,??? You think they are laughing AT them or laughing WITH them???

  10. This Rabbi Weiss is making me sick the LIES he is trying to let known to everyone listening to the radio. He blabs and blabs the same thing.

  11. Avrohom- You wrote a similar comment the other day about putting Fox News into Cherem…Now, “interviewers and other participants — Jewish and Gentile — should be warned to cease and desist; otherwise, they too may be put in Cherem”. Wake up. Cease and desist? I don’t think Gentiles will really care if you put them in Cherem.
    Not even sure if a Gentile can be put into Cherem. Anyone?

  12. The whole issue is a waste of time!!! Instead of demonstrating in front of their headquarters, shut them down legally and stop feeding into their love of publicity. Honestly, the sole reason that this perturbs us is that they LOOK like Torah observant individuals and use the title of Rabbis, does it distrub us when other Jews act like Jewish haters and snuggle close to Holocaust deniers…….

  13. Our ranting and raving that it’s a Chilul Hashem, that we should protest the stations that interview them, etc., will not work. The more we protest, the hotter they realize the issue is, and thats exactly what talk shows look for. Leave it be. In fact, the only thing we should do is, if they are invited on talk show, call in and say only the following (a) they do not represent Orthodox Jewry, (b) they do not represent the views of Orthodox Jewry, and (c) they are not “Rabbis” – just lunatic fringe element Jews dressed up and impersonating Hasidic Jews PERIOD.
    One more thought. All the arguments against Weiss were not to the crux of the issue. World Jewry believes that the entire Arab world, especially the Iranian Hitler, wishes physical harm to all the Jews in the State of Israel, and those throughout the world. The NK believes that we should trust them that once we close the State of Israel, we will live in peaceful coexistence. We refuse to take that chance. We being the entire world of Orthodox Torah Jewry, and world Jewry of every stream. We don’t buy their rhetoric and promises. The stakes are too high.
    If the NK does trust them, then let them and their phanthom followers move to Iran.
    End of subject and end of argument.

  14. How can you say the rest of them are chickens? A chicken is a kosher bird, and these fools are treyf, treyf, treyf! While Cohen of Manchester may have been pelted with chicken eggs, he, Weiss, and the rest of these clowns are SEWER RATS no matter whether or not they use their names.

    This is regardless of the fact that every word which Weiss spoke about the crimes of the Zionists is true. Even though the medina has no kedusha in and of itself, and in some ways it impedes Jewish settlement of many of the most historical and therefore the holiest parts of EY, it is here to stay only because the alternative is not what clown Weiss suggests – peaceful dismantling of the state and resettlement of the Jews in places like Iran – but rather destruction of Jews, Eretz Yisroel and the mekoimois hakedoishim under Islamic rule. What is more, if the Muslims ever succeeded in destroying Israel at this point, they would be emboldened enough to start blowing up shuls and attacking Jews all over the world.

    If Weiss wants to see the medina gone (and believe me, I don’t want to see it around for even another minute myself), let him join the sane majority of bnei Torah who daven for the coming of Moshiach and the restoration of Malchus Beis Dovid instead of holding Moshiach back by spreading sinos chinom and meeting with a ben Amalek.

  15. Notice how he gets offended when a caller refers to him as Mr Weiss. What is amazing he uses the same phrases in countless interviews , it almost seems like he is a recording device. He avoids answering challenging questions and just starts spewing the same anti Zionist ranting and raving. When asked how come all rabbis and orthodox organizations including Satmar are condemning him, his comeback is that Satmar is Anti Zionist.
    Yes Mr Weiss , they are anti Zionist but their methods of expressing their views are far more sane and civilized than yours.

  16. ITZIK, get hold of the Tzitz Eliezer and read what Rav Eliezer Waldenberg writes about the Medina, you will be mighty shocked.
    Before the Moshiach ben Dovid arrives, you need Moshiach ben Yosef which builds the economical foundation (like yosef did in mitzrayim for bnei yisroel) of the new Malchus. Davening is great, but “Shuvu Banim Legvulam” under the banner of Torah is supreme.

  17. Since when do I have to hold by the Tzitz Eliezer? He is a daas yachid in many areas, and this is one of them. Fine if you do, and I am sure it makes for interesting reading, but the reality is very different. Like Rav Kook, Rav Waldenberg found himself face to face with the negative realities of Zionism/the medina and he looked for a positive twist. Rav Kook went way too far (according to some who still cling to religious Zionism, he was misinterpreted); Rav Waldenberg has an interesting explanation that sadly is knocked down by reality.

    The misguided development of the medina and the terrible damage it has done to Am Yisroel including allowing non-Jews to settle in EY where they can marry indifferent or alienated Jews proves that the shita of those who opposed the state is correct. At this point, Jews are free and safe throughout the world, and a Jewish state that is run according to non-Jewish values is a spiritual and physical danger for Jews both inside and outside of Israel. However, dismantling the medina is a fantasy for anyone except the Teheran Six (a/k/a the Creedmoor Cretin Constellation) and what we must do is strengthen Torah (and true chessed) there so as to save Jews from what is now even more vapid than Zionism, namely that which is called post-Zionism. But in 2 generations, it will become harder and harder to find Jews al pi halacha among secular Israelis.

    There is also no obligation to hold by “Moshiach ben Yosef.” And Shavu Banim Legvulam under the banner of Torah is for Moshiach, not for the Xian backed Nefesh BeNefesh.

  18. I am amused how everyone’s blood is boiling and bubbling over these harmless idiots. Although they create a Chilul Hashem (which I am not minimizing, chas vesholom) absolutely no harm will be caused to any Jew because of their actions. Achmanidijed does not need these guys to give him chizuk. He will do what he will do with or without them.
    Anyone with an ounce of sechel knows that Abbas or Mubarak are of the same cloth as Achmanidejad only they have the brains to keep their mouth shut (at least in front of English speaking reporters) so they can continue to receive billions from the US and the EU as well as sophisticated arms to eventually use against us. The real evil is not these idiots but the Israeli government who embrace these reshaim and try to convince us that we can trust these sonei Yisroel to bring peace to the region, thus allowing and assisting them continue building their armies to eventually attack us, haya lo tehiya.
    The frum politicians who embrace Olmert and his cronies, so they can get money of him and thus encourage him to continue in his suicidal appeasement to our enemies are causing a lot more real harm and suffering to our fellow Yiddin then these dummies from NK.

  19. Isser-
    Obviously Achmanidejad does not need these guys to give him chizuk. The issue at hand over here is: What the world thinks when they see these Jews wearing the Charedi garb – thinking that they are representing all Orthodox Jewry. That’s why everyone’s blood is “boiling and bubbling”.

    Regarding the politicians in Israel – I don’t know what it is, but once a new Prime Minister gets elected and sits down in that chair, they undergo a transformation and do a 360 on all their political views. Strange.

  20. kodesh18

    Which Moshiach do the Zionist believe in – I don’t think the Medina has anything to do with Moshiach ben Yosef – Their goal is to see all frum yidden become frei – They turned a whole generation Frei and are scared about the Teshuvah movement in Israel that is bringing that generations children back. The banner of Torah could be around without the Medina (and probably be better off)

  21. Steinway,
    I think the main reason everyone is so infuriated is because they attended a convention where there were the biggest ‘soineh yisroel’ present and where the subject even QUESTIONED the most horrific genoide ever to befall our people.
    At least thats whats making MY skin crawl!

  22. Nameless –
    That’s exactly the point, what the world thinks when they see these wackos there in Iran, as representatives of us. I don’t give a hoot if they attend a Holocaust denial convention, same way it doesn’t bother me that David Duke was there, just don’t go dressed up as a Chareidi and call yourself a Rabbi. Are you surprised that they went? These guys went to Arafat’s funeral, they’ve met with Hamas and Hezbollah….etc…. They were on Arafat’s payroll for heavens sake!
    I don’t know about you, but these nut jobs made MY skin crawl WAY before they went to Iran.

  23. itzik,

    i couldn’t agree with you more. some of their ideas about the zionists are true – they do only care about the medina and they hate the frum jews. but NK’s insane actions do not correspond to the ideology of the fact that zionism is wrong. it’s as if it is a cult of its own so any of his explanations cannot make any sense.

    also, i was wondering, he mentioned in the interview that his grandparents were killed in auschwitz – so how can he go to a conference that tries to deny the holocaust? just from this – it’s so poshut that he’s nuts.

  24. Ok, so they ARE nuts!
    But their garb is not the issue. If a delegation of non frum Jews WITHOUT any garb would attend this conference it would urk me the same way.
    David Duke is nothing more than a ‘sick puppy’ who is clearly intimidated by Jews. Visit his website and you’ll see what I mean.

  25. Response from Maurice :

    Re your e-mail and thank you for your words. By the way I am Maurice Boland the host of last nights show, I am also an Orthodox Jew and vice president of the Jewish Community of Marbella Spain. You say you are surprised I gave this mad space on my show. There are a few things to consider here; firstly there is the old saying “ give a man enough rope and he’ll hang himself” and that I think you agree he certainly did. The other thing to remember is, my audience ( over a million in Spain alone) are 99.9% non Jewish and I have to be seen as slightly impartial but and a big but there is no doubt the way I broadcast that I am Jewish and proud of it! I am also the owner of radio Europe so I do as I want but I do not want to be seen as or accused of not giving Weiss enough space compared to Baruch or the callers otherwise it would defeat the exercise.

    Please keep in touch



  26. I actually listened to his speech he gave at the convention. It is posted on his website. Inherently what he says is that he is “moche,” that there definitely was a holocaust etc… His agenda is that they are against Zionism, and the medina. In the last 2 items he is actually correct. The problem is that he cozies up to the Arabs all the time, and the fact that he was associated with an anti-holocaust convention even though he was “moche” against it. I mentioned in another post on a different topic that I saw some video clips of them at Arafat’s yemach shmo v’zichro grave, praying?!?!?! or paying respects?!?!?! The fellow from LA who was on the interview with him would have come across better if he would have left out the name calling. The fact that he was calling mr. weiss names I think took away from our cause, it made it sound babyish, like they were children bickering.

  27. To Opennews – I am the last one who defends NK. It just happened that Weiss did make some correct statements about Zionism. However, Weiss is the equivalent of the Judenrat or the kapos as far as Islamic terror is concerned – he would deliver millions of Jews to the tzoirerim just to achieve his own ends or prove himself right.

  28. For all you who are so quick to agree with NK regarding Zionism, if not their tactics. Just remember that this ‘treif’ Medina is still THE largest supporter of Torah institutions in the world . That is not to say that the leadership has not done terrible things too along the way, but if we the frum would take a more active participation maybe we would have better leadership. Hashem has given us a great ‘klee’ to work with -it is up to us in the Torah community to work on the tikun. Read Tanach- we have had much worse leaders in our history. Hashem wants that we put in good leaders, or that the ones there do teshuva, not that we run away from the medina. We are fortunate to live in a time when Hashem has given us the ‘klee’ of the Medina – so don’t be so quick to trash it. Don’t confuse the Medina with the individual governments. Just as we wouldn’t want everyone judging Judiasm by the action of individual Jews or Jewish orginizations.

  29. Regarding NK condemnation – Can someone explain to me why it took them attending this last conference to get everyone’s blood boiling against them? Why weren’t they equally demonized when they met with Arafat, took money from Arafat, sat outside his hospital praying for a recovery of this yamach shmoenick and have met in the past with the Iranian leaders? Why is the holocaust the only venue for getting a reaction from so many Jews and Jewish organizations? Call for the destruction of the Jewish State, sit with those who kill Jews – no problem … as long as they don’t deny the holocaust! We must never forget the holocaust – but it is the past – the State of Israel, whether you attach any religious significance to it or not, is a current reality and home to over 5 million Jews. Anyone who sides with our enemies who call for its destruction are traitors to the Jewish people. Now and before this conference.

  30. DSA….

    My gosh, di d you get the ‘sac’ at work today by any chance????
    But here they madea mockery of our ancestors and those survivors who are nearing the end of their lives!!!


  31. dsa – look who’s siding with the enemy

    Talk about arming your own enemies.

    Israel, it was revealed today, has allowed Egypt to transfer an enormous quantity of weapons to Fatah, the Palestinian faction controlled by PA President Abu Mazen.

    A total of 2,000 AK-47 assault rifles, 20,000 magazines and two million (!!) bullets were included in the shipment, which is ostensibly aimed at strengthening Fatah in its rivalry with Hamas

    Of course, there is one slight problem with this approach: Fatah has this nasty little habit of turning its weapons on Jews….

  32. I totally agree that Omart is doing a terrible thing giving our enemies (in this case Fatah) weapons under the false beliefe that they are any better then hamas… but that is a mistake or chait that he and his government are doing – The medina still has the potential to be run by people who do the right thing – lets pray that Hashem sends us those who are good ones or that the current ones do better in the future. I again refer to Tanach to see the problems we have had with our leaders before – and some did in deed do Teshuvah. But I stick to my belief that the creation of the State in our times is a tremendous present from Hashem, and great oppurtunity (still) – we need to use it properly. The difference between the politicians and NK meeting with the enemy is the government is coming from a (perhaps misguided) belief that it will lead to more peaceful times while NK is doing it to encourage the destruction l’chatcheela. Perhaps the actions of the government will turn out to be as destructive, c’v, but atleast that is not their intention.

  33. nameless: re my comment that the halacaust is the past. I didn’t mean that to say that they didn’t make a mockery of our ancestors and those survivors who are nearing the end of their lives. And it does make them even more repungnent. My point was that they already were at a level, and had done things, that should have qualified them for being cut off from the Jewish community long ago. I quess the positive is that this latest act has woken everyone up to mishagayim that they are. Of course it is a shame that it has to be before the world public.

  34. DSA
    It is the goal of the Medina to destroy the Orthodox – they don’t even hide that fact. So yes LCHATCHILA their goal is to DESTROY FRUM JEWS. There is a reason the book Perfidy is banned is Israel. Rabbi A. Miller on his tapes gives the “Medina” as an example of one of the ways “hate” can be used in a the right way. (Every Mida is given to serve a good purpose and bad – we have to choose how to use it)