Eretz Yisroel: New Kashruth law proposed


kosher logo.jpgMK Meir Porush has proposed fixing the law against deceit in kashruth in order to give legal authority to Mashgichim. The current law does not define the Mashgiach’s authority and thus makes it difficult for him to do his job.

Under current law, businesses may not advertise themselves as kosher if they are not approved by a Mashgiach. However, they lack legal authority, and therefore cannot punish businesses who break the law. The proposed law would give them the authority to punish offenders, an authority granted to inspectors in other fields.



  1. But as we know even if this law takes effect no-one will enforce it thereby leaving it back to its original status. The problem is that there are many modern jews that go to israel and see a sign which says kosher and they eat there not knowing that they are eating 100% treif!! This is a problem that we have to make these people aware of…

  2. If we really wanted to work to fix Kashrut in Eretz Yisroel we should remove the corruption that has infiltrated the system (especially in Yerushalayim), with restaurants losing their “Kosher” status because of *gasp* the audacity of allowing a New Years party, or their waitstaff not wearing “appropriate-enough” clothing, or “inappropriate” wall decor. Once we get back to certifying restaurants SOLELY based on actual Kashrut, we will have come a long way.