Neturei Karta phone campaign underway


phone.jpgIt seems that our good friends over at Neturei Karta have decided to start operating missionary style. Thousands and thousands of Yidden have received phone calls in their homes, with a recording stating to “call this number to listen to all the achievements and accomplishments of Neturei Karta.”

It says hopefully you will enjoy and learn a lot.

(This mass phone calling was done by a company who usally rents this list out for Mosdos, Dinners etc…..What nerve!)


  1. All Attorneys out there. There are laws regarding Don nOt Call laws. If they are not doing it for charitable purposes they might be able to be sued for 500/call.

  2. Why do you encourage these clowns, these freaks, these reshoyim? Publishing anything about them makes them appear to be of consequence. Publishing their missionary propaganda phone number is highly irresponsible. Would you publish the phone number of a Jews for J hotline? Do you take responsibility for the damage that might chas vesholem be done to pure young sould by listening to this drivel?

  3. FIRST DIREcT is 100 per cent right!!!! KOL HAKOVOD
    YOU ARE SO STRICT ABOUT YOUR GUIDLINES. Harmless comments are rejected and here you are paving the road for people who are even SLIGHTLY under their influence to continue listening to their bogus concepts.
    Weiss is desperately trying to do some damage control. He critizises the newspaperes and media of Loshon hora the ne does us a favour by admitting that ther e were even 9 MILLION jEWISH VICTIMS OF THE HOLOCAUST INSTEAD OF 6. DONT YOU SEE THEIR TRICKY DIVERSION TACTICS. PLEASE

  4. I couldnt agree with first direct more!! Why publish the phone of these behemos? I am surprised at YW who ordinarily do a great job!!

  5. i murt say, y.w. does often (not always) reject comments that are critical of y.w. this most often occurs when the comment is right on the button in criticizing y.w. and it gets under his skin.

  6. I just got the phone call today. These guys are nuts. But they seem very well organized.

    Their system (if you call them back) is very profesional and they sound very good. They don’t use screaming tacticts or name calling. And they actually make you think that they believe in the Ribono Shel Oilom.

    I don’t think there is any way to ignore them. They are calling all over the country. Not only NY/NJ. And who knows if they are only calling the frum oilom!?!

    I don’t know how, but there must be some way to stop these clowns before it is too late!! We need some damage control, NOW!!

  7. Again what I and many others would like to know is who is paying for this garbage. Also, the company that is spewing out the phone calls needs to be contacted by its paying customers, with a severe warning not to allow this kind of material to be spewed out over its phones.

  8. obviously they have a seriously large group of followers. at their counter-rally in monsey alone they had about 100 followers willing to come out and publically identify with them.

  9. I got a phone call today from them and I think I got a call before as well (within the past two weeks).

    They are working very hard and making alot of good points but whatever they say does NOT JUSTIFY the ‘chillul Hachem’ at the Holocaust denial conference in Iran!
    They never answered smartly when questioned directly about this, they just babble on against the Zionists, but they have NO valid Torahdiga excuse for going to the conference!
    If they do, then I want to see it here on this blog!
    Hey NK! Answer just to this point! Leave the Zionist reshoyim on a side for now and explain how you could go on world cameras dressed as frum Jews and KISS the Iranian Roshoh when all he does is terrorize the WORLD! He terrorizes the US, England, many Arab counties as well, never mind Israel!!
    The ‘chillul Hashem’ here, the aveirah is greater than what you try to accomplish all your life!!

  10. Everyone in Detroit got the call today. It was humorous at best. The speaker really butchered the English language, and I don’t know anyone who listened to more than 10 seconds of it.


  11. we just got their phone message here in toronto
    i believe it is ossur to communicate with these kofrim
    they have absolutely no emunas chachomim for kovod chachomim-they only believe in themselves

  12. The old Hitler ym”s had “a seriously large group of followers” and the new Hitler in training Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinegad ym”s also does. So what? Does that make them legitimate? Does “a seriously large group of followers” make these sonei emes from within our ranks legitimate? We cannot stop them doing whatever they please but we can totally ostracize them and their families and fight them and anyone they mix with, do business with etc. with every legal means possible.

  13. Envoy.
    He was asked that very same question. ‘How can you kiss that Rosho’.
    He did his normal ‘wriggling out routine’ and said that , ‘diffusing aproblem peacefully and approaching your enemies softly is the TORADIKE WAY’

  14. i listened to their full recording–2 hours. basically their tainuh is they were hatzolos nefoshos by appeasing the tyrant from c`v nuking e`yisroel, as torah jews are anti-zionists.

  15. What large silent majority? Sorry, but just because we in the yeshiva and chassidishe world do not drink the Zionist kool-aid, cloaked under the failed experiment known as religious Zionism, does not mean that any Torah Jew in his right mind gives one penny to the Neturei Karta. When somehow the NK managed to extort 30000 pounds from Adass or whatever it is called in London, there was a huge outcry.

    I have a feeling that their funding comes from a nasty mixture of very dirty money coming from extortion, shady deals, fundraising under various covers such as pretending to collect for hachnossos kallah or medical relief for supposed “orimer leit”, and subsidies from Iran and/or terror organizations. (Freaky Freedy, who is in a class all his own, just about admits to having received money from the neo-Nazi Austrian Freedom Party, but he is beyond contempt even compared to his buddies.) I also heard Weiss ShR”Y has a yerusha, but who knows if that is true. There may still be one or two gvirim, such as Domb (Dumb) der tzelem-macher in London, who support some of this wannabe NK’s actions, but even he denounced the trip to Iran.

    It has already been documented that Hirsch gets his money from the “palestinians”; he can dream on as much as he wants about “donations,” because if he told the truth he’d be lynched.

  16. Joseph,

    One wonders what those am ha’aratzim tell the Iranian President.

    Mr. Weiss and his unlettered companions have been chastised by the entire frum Jewish community. Their actions run counter to daas Torah. Insofar as their logic may resonate well with those interested in the welfare of our fellow yiddin, both in Eretz Yisroel and everywhere else in the world, their “good points” are as legitamite as the “good points” of the Reform–whose views initially maintained the veneer of looking for the welfare of yiddin. The views of the fathers of the reform movement was scorned by gedolei yisroel. So are the views of boors like Mr. Weiss and his minions. Their missionizing tactics are a further affront to the Gedolei Yisroel, as they continue to justify their universally censured behavior.

    It would be appropriate for someone to eventually bring this to the attention of Rav Elyashuv and the like so that we know what to do with these reshoim. Regardless, they should be explaining themselves to the Edah, Satmar and the Agudah–not acting with impunity and chutpah.

  17. וינה: תובענה פלילית נגד איש נטורי קרתא שהשתתף בכנס מכחישי השואה באיראן
    את התביעה נגד מנהיג הקבוצה שהגיעו לכנסת מכחישי השואה, משה אריה פרידמן הגישו “מרכז התיעוד וההתנגדות לנאצים” מאוסטריה, לוחמי הפרטיזנים, ואירגון של ניצולי שואה מאוסטריה, בתביעה מואשם פרידמן בהכחשת שואה ובהפצת משנת הנאצים, עבירות חמורות ומהקשות שיש באוסטריה, בעבר נידונו מפירי חוקים אלו לשנות מאסר רבות, מגישי התלונות לא יכלו להעריך את סיכויי התביעה.
    קובי רוזן

    from Chadrei Chadarim. Great news