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Yeshiva Students to defend country in war

Arutz 7 is reporting that MK Ami Ayalon (Labor) announced Monday that Chareidi Yeshiva students will be part of an emergency network. Ayalon has held several meetings with Chareidi Rabbis and heads of Yeshivot, who have agreed in principle to integrate their students into an emergency network which would act to defend the country in time of war.

The new proposal is part of a larger debate over the future of the Tal Law, which is meant to encourage yeshiva students to enter the workforce. According to the Tal Law, Chareidi Yeshiva students, who usually choose not to serve in the army, have one year in which to learn or work. When the year ends, they must choose to either study in yeshiva or enter an abbreviated term of military service. The Tal Law went into effect in 2002, and is set to expire in July.


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  1. Did the Talmeidi Chachimim liberate the Kosel? protect Israel in multiple wars?

    I’m afraid you live in a virtual reality world. Reality is that the citizens of Israel need an army to protect them. Wake up to will make your Torah learning that much more meaningful. Tens of thousands of yungerliet will need to be called on to fight, if necessary. They should be prepared for Milchama- after all Yakov Aveinu was ready for battle, and Yehoshua conquered the land in Kiebush Rishon by battle.

    Keep on dreaming that 5,000 Jews can sit and learn in the Mir without an army to protect them.

  2. moshet Says:

    Unfortunately, for moshet, the torah has a different opinion.
    The halacha is that for a milchemes mitzvah (when Israel is under attack) ALL must fight.
    Hopefully, the torah and halacha still count for something these days

  3. moshet is correct. there are MANY exemptions al pi din. i.e. new house, new wife, fear of war, etc. and israel has NO milchomos mitzva. the RBS”O did NOT order ANY of the wars. that is the only milchomos mitzva.

  4. Do we know the Aibishter’s cheshbon? Is the survival of Israel all about the “koichi ve’oitzem yodi” of the Zionists? If so, EY should be evacuated tomorrow after we saw the horrendous failure of the IDF in the last Lebanon conflict. Not only EY, but the Jewish people and indeed the entire world are sustained by Torah study and kiyum hamitzvois.

    On the other hand, those who are pretending to learn so as to obtain an army exemption should be forced into some alternative service framework (or encouraged to leave EY and go to the US or Europe where such people who are not cut out for learning are free to succeed as businessmen, not forced to take up space in a dubious kollel because of Zionist law).

    Indeed, the wars of the medina are not milchemes mitzvo; they are the result of careless policy combined with the fact that the medina is the work of koifrim and porkei oil who were handed a ness in 1967 and basically threw it away rather than doing tshuva or at least standing up as proud Jews rather than mongrelized “Israelis.”

  5. to modern orthodox: keep on dreaming that an army can fight without 5,000 Jews sitting and learning in the mir lets learn from Dovid Hamelech for every soldier that he sent to fight he sent another to the bais hamedrash

  6. In a time of war there are no longer any politics. When a bomb or rockets or G-D forbid troops come to attack, they do not ask if you are pro zionist or anit zionist. As has always been they only see a JEW and as such to them a dead Kollelnick or a dead soldier makes no difference.
    We must understand this and realize that it is Jewish lives at risk and as such ALL MUST fight, becasuse the TORAH demands of us to protect each other. THis is not about send troups to another land for a war, it is when the war comes to us. Look at this past weeks event in EIlat, or the stabing of studens at the Kossel.
    ALL MUST LEARN HOW TO FIGHT in order to defend our families, our yeshivas our neighbors, ourselves.
    When we left Egypt, it clearly says we had swords at our sides, let us learn from our Torah, even though we pray that H”B will protect us and fight for us it is still incumbment on us to have a way to defend ourselves.

  7. Maurice;
    Very sancatamonious of you:)))))))
    However I think the best way to sum up the situation is to say that our Talmidei Chachomim are OUR RUCHNEYOUS and our soldiers are our GASHMIOYOS. In the zechus of Torah , Hashem helps our shlichim succeed. BUT ONE CANT SUCCEED WITHOUT THE OTHER…..’AIN SOMCHIN AL HANEES’

  8. modern orthodox the answer to your stupid questions is- yes! the yeshiva bochurim did and do defend israel with their learning!!!!!!!

  9. Lots of emotional arguments, even logical at times. Not necessarily in line with the Emes though.
    Joseph, on the other hand, speaks the truth. Milchemes Mitzvah? When exactly has the Aibishter ordered this war?
    This is not even a Milchemes Reshis; It is a Milchemes Taivu! The entire medina was born of a Taivu by a bunch of Reshuim, who decided they wanted a Medinu.
    How can anyone dispute this fact?

  10. I must say, however, that if a group of yeshiva students participates in civil emergency defense on their own volition, it is the same as volunteering for Shomrim in the US and it is certainly a great mitzvah (pikuach nefesh). The problem is when we start to think that the success of the IDF is somehow dependent on drafting legitimate yeshivaleit.

    While Hashem has not destroyed the medina, and I do not believe He will except when He replaces the memsheles zadoin with Malchus Beis Dovid, we do have to live with (or live in spite of) the medina and its institutions, unless we choose to turn our backs on EY altogether which is not right either.

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