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We Have 24 Hours To Help This Kallah Get Married!!

1Acheinu Bnei Yisroel!

Right here in our Boro Park neighborhood there is an Almonah and her daughter who are living in abject poverty in an apartment that can only be described as a rat-hole! We, as neighbors were shocked when we went to be Menachem Avel recently after the Petirah of their husband/father. It is DEPLORABLE!


The young Almonah sits homebound, suffering from compromised vision She begs to do voluntary work to pass her time, but she is not even granted that pleasure as most work involves at least functional vision.

This week, Mrs. N. called us with special news! At 24, her daughter Miriam is finally engaged to a wonderful young man from a Chashuva family! But as she was being Mevasser this beautiful Simcha, Mrs .N. burst into sobbing.

Who is going to help me?! How am I going to pay for everything?!


And we answered her that a Yid is never lost. WE WILL HELP HER! WE are her family! And we care!

In addition to helping the Yesoima, it it our obligation to see to it that the Almonahs living conditions are improved.

WE implore you, friends, and neighbors! Please open your hearts to the tears of an Almonah! Help her!

The Rambam writes:

“There is no greater and more beautiful Simcha, only to gladden the hearts of broken people; the poor, the Yesomim, the Almonos, and the Geirim. Whoever gladdens the hearts of these people is compared to the Shechina alone”.

Imagine the Joy we generate in Shamayim when we help the Eibershter’s children! Please! Open you hearts and help this Yesoima go to her Chuppah with the joy that she deserves! Let’s show the Almonah that she belongs to a caring family! And may Hashem repay you Keifel Kiflayim. with Simchas and Nachas, Bracha and Hatzlacha always!


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