Rav Shlomo Miller in Lakewood


Rav Shlomo Miller Shlita, will be in Lakewood for his monthly visit from Toronto to the Bais Hora’ah of Lakewood, this week Parshas Mishpotim starting today, Monday February 11. The phone number where he can be reached is 732-905-9992, the location of the Bais Hora’ah is: 100 9th Street between Lexington & Monmouth.


  1. Reb Shloime Miller is the son of my friend Mr. Louis Miller a”h and was raised in Baltimore on Pinkney Avenue. He came to Toronto in 1970 when the Lakewood Kolel started above Miriam’s bookstore on Bathurst street..
    He has a Mechutan in Baltimore also his son that became a Skvere Chosid, Shea is the son in law of Mr. Abe Gutman a local cattle dealer and a big ba’al chesed.