Meah Shearim: Mayor Uri Lupolianski assaulted


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lup1.jpgEarlier today, Yerushalayim Mayor Uri Lupolianski was assaulted in the Meah Shearim vicinity. He was going to attend the Bris of City Council Member (& Deputy Mayor) Mr. Yehoshua Polak which was taking place at the Bais Medrash of Maran Hagoen R’ Eliyashiv Shlita. Upon his arrival, his was greeted by a group of Neturei Karta who assaulted him with bottles, rocks and garbage (thrown at him). He was B”H uninjured and escorted away by his security detail.


  1. I’m not surprised, the NETUREI KARTA behave like goyim in many other ways as well.
    I wonder if the NETUREI KARTA attacked him L’SHEM SHAMAYIM.
    We need to kick them out of our communities, they acted like the muslims. Frum yiden don’t use violence whatever the situation.

  2. If it truly was a case of the NK attacking a government offical.

    Why is the NK even in Israel if they are so oppossed to its existence.

    Even more so, when a member of the NK cashs a government benefits check, how do the justify this if the Israel doesn’t exist..

    Perhaps they can all go and visit their “friend” in Iran. GO and Party with the Persians. Maybe when it is your own necks on the line you will have learned the lessons of PURIM

  3. sheryl, while i agree with your general sentiments, frum yiden DO use violence sometimes. Look at Pinchas. torahtotty, first of all, how do you know that all members of NK accept govt. checks? I’m not sure they do. But even if they were to, that in itself isn’t problematic. They don’t deny that the state exists, just that it exists illegitimately. In that respect they are inline with tens of thousands, if not more, of charadim who believe the same way, and still take govt. checks. Where they differ in what they chose to do about those beliefs.

  4. You really dont seem to be able to retain information torahtotty. The nk that kissed…… wasnt part of the NK. And frankly they have a right to be against the the COUNTRY of israel. Just read the history of israel and the reason they came to existence.

  5. torahtatty:
    first of all the NK were in Israel before the zionists came over and agressively (by killing and being moser other Jews that stood in their way and not just by throwing rocks or tomatoes) assumed control of the land and wrongfully appointed themselves the official spokesmen for Judaism.
    also these NK don’t take ant benefits checks from the medina and they even pay privately to give birth in the Israeli hospitals so as not to benefit from the zionist money.
    i’m not defending their assaulting Lopoliansky (although he is in good company as rocks have been thrown at Rav Eliyashiv and Rav Shteinman as well in the last several years) but facts are fact and criticism must also be based on fact.

  6. Can someone please kindly explain, how is it that we religious Jews have completely forgotten that there is no exception to “Derocheha Darchei Noam VeChol Nesivoseha Sholom”? All our children see is that by our “Shtika Kehodoao”, we are legitimising violence and unapropriate behaviour as an accepted value.

  7. I don’t know who is responsible here. I do know they were so ashamed that with all their propaganda a frum mayor was elected (even thought the satmar Rebbe didn’t assur elections for municipalities it’s a chumra they took upon themselves!!!). They put up whole signs with pulsa deneiras etc. I once tore down such a sign (in front of R’ Frank shul on Zefania) and I got a smack across my face from and some dirty curses…… I just told him calmly “if you put up signs saying my brother will be turned into a pig rabbit etc (more of this rubbish) I won’t stand it”……..

  8. torahtotty, the nk is e. yisroel aren’t affiliated with the chutz l’oretz nk meshuganas. they have nothong to do with each other. in e. yisroel it is the true nk of Harav Amrom Blau TZV’L. They do not accept any funds from the government.

  9. I believe that chareidy yerushalmi anti zionists, are in general termed as NK, when involved in action opposing anybody from the Israeli goverment, not necessarily from the aformentioned bunch of despicable fools.
    I feel sorry for the mayor, he is in a very difficult and delicate position.
    Hasem Yatzilainu!!

  10. ESROG is correct that by turning a blind eye to violence by Frum Jews, we are, in essence, legitimizing it. Of course, there are many other groups that are orders of magnitude more violent, but it comes down to what standard of behaviour we hold ourselves and our youth to.

    It’s not enough to chalk up instances of Frum violence to “a couple of random guys” who “don’t represent the community.” Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away.

  11. There are (at least) two groups in the land of Israel, who identify themselfs as NK. [I believe (but am uncertain) that the group called Torah VeYirah is a serious one.]

  12. if as some of you have said that the Israel version of NK does not accept government money and as one said they even pay their own medical bills.
    I do not agree with their policies but I am very happy to say that we should look upon how they have stuck to their principals on their positons towards the Zionists and as such could not be bought by the might dollar/shekel

  13. Any Torah observing individual, who throws things (even tomatoes) because he disagrees, pelts stones at buses in Ramat Bet Shemesh, spits & attacks a woman who will not change her seat, burns and destroys public property (in Israel or America), embraces Jewish murderers is an “ADULT WHO’S A RISK” and is in need of yirei hashem therapy.
    By the way, even if they pay for the hospital fees they use the services of the nurses…(who are paid by the govt).

  14. these hoodlums that atacked the mayor,are nothing but ignorant ,criminaly insane zealots,they should be arrested and punished to the full extent of the law

  15. The main problem with NK, in my opinion, is only the fact they regard other jews Gedolei Torah who disagree with their aproach as Zionists. I think that takes the same Chutzpah and Kffirah as it took to start the state the way it did.

  16. 1) No NK takes checks from the zionist government. Same deal with Satmar, Shomrei Eminim, Toldos Avraham Yitzchok etc.

    2) There is the Moshe Hirsch nutter kartel in EY; they support Freaky Freedy and the five stooges and they maintain contacts with Hamas and Fatah. The tzoirer with the kaffiye paid Hirsch off when he was alive.

  17. It’s a total shanda — whoEVER they were! It’s so painful to hear that so-called chareidim could even concoct such a scheme to publicly humiliate and demean an ehrlich man who has given his youth and strength to klal Yisroel! What do they want Lupoliansky to do? Leave the mayorship of the holy city to a Yid who only sees it as political territory??

    These people have to be hauled into court and prosecuted as rodfim! Political violence is what the velt calls terrorism!!

  18. i would join the bandwagon and call for their expulsion from Eretz Yisroel except for 2 reasons

    1) the arab haters of Jews and Israel don’t get expelled 🙁

    2) these Jewish haters of Jews and Israel would probably move to Monsey 🙁 if expelled. who needs them!

    rather, I would arrest them for assault, and for collaborating with the enemy. Then, I would charge them with the cost of incarceration so that they can live by their credo of not taking money/benefit from the State.