Tragic Emergency Family Fund Takes Jewish Internet By Storm


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This week Jews around the world were shocked & moved by an emergency family fund detailing the plight of a 10-year-old boy. The boy, Yonatan B. of Beitar, wrote of how his father passed away unexpectedly last week, leaving a widow & 5 children in extreme debt. Their cause was picked up by tzedaka organization Kupat Ha’Ir, as their level of poverty was found to be extreme. Rav Chaim Kaniesky & the gedolim of Beitar have supported the campaign, and donors are urged to give generously.

The family has just gotten up from shiva, and will now attempt to re-integrate into day-to-day life. Kupat Ha’Ir hopes donations will enable them to find some peace and normalcy in this painful time.

Read an excerpt from Yonatan’s letter below:

I don’t know what I can say to make you want to give. I just know that our dad is gone, and that we’re really poor.

If you’re reading this, please, help us if you can. Please help our mommy, so she doesn’t have to be scared. It seems like life can’t possibly get more painful, or more awful. Being homeless would make it so much worse.




  1. This family used to live right near us. They are wonderful people. The mother is an American-Israeli and the children are so sweet and special. The son runs the weekly Shabbos Tehillim in the shul. The whole community is shocked and saddened.

  2. This is why every family should be a member of Arevim or a similar organization that collectively insures that there will be money for the survivors after a family member’s petirah.

  3. Whilst I have contributed to this campaign, i saw no connection to Kupat Hair. The results on the charity site cannot be described as taken by storm. (Just 36% of target… an amount which will not be anywhere near enough) I am not saying there is anything wrong but it is a bit confusing. Are there two collections?