Google celebrates Purim


purim google 07.1.gifThis Google logo was found on the Google Israel’s Homepage on Purim day.


  1. it whould’v been nice if it was in hebrew!! & how does google knew when purim is in e”y???????? just kidd’en.

  2. Upside-down “L” in the Grogger? No problem – they were mechaven to the vort why we shake the Grogger’s from the bottom, and spin the Dreidle from the top. (Since on Chanuka the Yidden knew they were gonners, and could only be saved by Hashem – so there was a “Hisarusa d’l’Tatto” (an awakening from below) – but on Chanuka, they had the option to go Greek and be kept alive, so Hashem in His mercy saved them (Hisarusa d’l’Eylo – awakening from Above).

  3. himmelstein – it was on yud dalid

    lakewood masmed – Both Larry Page and Sergy Brin the co-founders and owners of Google are Jewish. Also Craig Silverstein, Google’s director of technology and the first person hired by Google, is also Jewish.

  4. Google is a Public company, but the two founders, Sergy Brin & Larry Page are both Jewish. Also there first employee was Jewish and so are hundreds of the people who work for Google.

  5. A gragger? How old fashioned!! I haven’t seen a gragger at megillah laining in a few years now. I think it is a little sad that all the Purim accessories I grew up with are slowly being forgotten.