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New Square: Ganav strikes the Mikva

According to The Journal News, a village man told Ramapo police someone stole $5,000 from his pants pocket while he was in the New Square Mikvah. Witnesses told investigating officers that they saw a man whom they didn’t recognize in the mikvah area, Detective Sgt. John Lynch said.“The guy claimed he was in the mikvah and left his pants out and someone took a couple of grand from his pocket,” Lynch said.

The residents describe the stranger as “Hasidic”, 5 feet 8 inches tall, heavyset and about 30 years old, wearing gold-framed eyeglasses, black jacket, white shirt and black pants, Lynch said.

The witnesses told police that the man got into a gray Chrysler Pacifcia with New York license plates. There is only one exit and entrance to New Square by car – Washington Avenue.

Police issued an alert for the car.

“They felt there was a suspicious party in the area that they were not familiar with,” Lynch said. “This is an assumption being made on their part that this guy had anything to do with it.”

Lynch said he was awaiting more information from the man who reported the theft and others from the community before deciding how to handle the case.


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  1. I alwys carry $5000 in cash when I go to the Mikveh.

    Doesn’t everyone?

    Something’s ” fishy ” here. Not the first time “fishy” stories surfaced in New Square.

  2. who on eartn will bring 5 grand cash into the mikvah! the money should be in the bank or take on a debit card/credit card!

  3. was it the only pair of pants? if so how did they see the guy? if not how did the guy know which pants to go to or why only one pair of pants

  4. smartguy,

    He tok the poor fellows entire wardrobe. First he went into the mikveh. Then he came out and ”mistakenly” dressed in the victims clothing. When the other guy came out of the mikveh and looked for his clothing he didn’t see it where he left it. So he took a quick glance around and just saw the ganuv calmly walking out in his wardrobe, including his expensive pair of pants with the $5,000.00 in cash in the tosh. So he gave chase to the ganuv into the street where the thief hopped into a car and sped off. At that point a baal chesed took rachmunus on the victim, brought him quickly into his hoiz, and gave him a new set of clothing.

    Hope this helps clarify.

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