Funeral of NYPD Auxiliary officer Eugene Marshalik A”H


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Earlier today, hundreds of NYPD officers gathered to pay their final respects at the Funeral of Eugene Marshalik A”H. Eugene was one of the two NYPD Auxiliary officers who were killed in cold blood last week (as reported HERE on YW). Boruch Hashem, due to the quick thinking and hard work of the noted Askan Rabbi Edgar Gluck, the Niftar received a proper Tahara and Kevurah done by the Chesed Shel Emmes organization, and no autopsy was performed. Among the various City & State Agencies who attended the funeral, were members of Flatbush Hatzolah & Flatbush Shomrim. Click HERE for more photos.

Yeshivaworld mourns the death of both NYPD Auxiliary officers; Nicholas Todd Pekearo and Eugene Marshalik.


  1. Why would an autopsy have been performed, it was a straightforth gun shot that caused the death? There was a respectful crowd gathered at Nostrand and K.H. this morning to pay honor to the policeman.

  2. Why would an autopsy have been performed, it was a straightforth gun shot that caused the death?

    You can question the official policy, but autopsies are routine in cases of homicide.

  3. Huge kiddush hashem !!… it is actions such as this that show the city… that a yid is a yid and he will get the proper kevurah & respect no matter what

  4. Mi keamcha Yisroel! The victim probably had little or no connection with the haimishe community (not his fault as he was brought up in a remote and miserable corner of the former Soviet Union and then came as a child to the cultural mishmosh that is Brighton Beach), yet Rabbi Gluck et al heard that a Jew was killed and they went right to work as if it was chas vesholom a family member.

    Let this show the leitzanei hador, the “orthoskeptic” bloggers and their ilk, who we really are, not that they won’t be the first ones to run to haimishe chessed organizations when they need help.

  5. Itzik – did you do any research? 4great is correct; you have responded without knowledge. Try not to do that so we don’t have to have threads like the coke one and others.

    There was indeed an article that said there was a wake for Marshalik at the chapel (funeral home). Now whether or not it was a real wake or if it was more like a shmirah, is impossible to tell from reading the article. My guess would also be that there was no wake, but you can’t say that someone didn’t read that there was.

    I would post the link if I thought YW would allow it. (Not that it is necessary-do a search if you are interested.)