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Eretz Yisroel: Tehillim, and request for mothers milk

tehillim new1.jpgUPDATE: YW has received an email advising us that B”H there is no longer a need for milk. They thank everyone for helping.

The three-month-old baby girl who was left an orphan along with her seven siblings when their parents from the Kiryat Arba area were R”L killed in a fatal car accident is allergic to formula and needs donated mother’s milk. (Original story reported HERE on YW.) The oldest sibling, Gittit bas Simcha (15), remains in critical condition. Friends of the family are looking for women who can donate pumped and frozen milk. For more information, call (02) 996-0613. [Click on image to ENLARGE Kapittal Tehillim.]

20 Responses

  1. hes prolly the type to buy a brand new shas and throw the last volume in the garbage ””’CAUSE IT DOESNT PASS(T)””’!!!
    do some ppl not have seichel or they just dont use it!?!?

  2. abi gezunt,
    you don’t it is appropriate to write this on YW?
    to bad to see how your mind works
    I hope this YW posting will in a quick way help this family
    Hashem Yiracheim!!

  3. Abi,

    What exactly is your problem with this? Is there something about nursing that bothers you? I in fact believe that there should be more awareness in the frum community about breastfeeding then all the ads in the frum media for formula. It horrifies me when there are full page ads everywhere promoting formula – making it sound like if it comes from Eretz Yisroel or is Cholov Yisroel it is somehow healthy. What a bunch of garbage.

  4. okey I guess if the baby has no other way to survive than it’s a very good way to publish this around the world maybe people will help i’m sorry I just never say this on YW it’s the first time

  5. When referring to Abi gezunt-please don’t confuse him with Abi Meleibt…Don’t just say Abi…paople will get confused….
    Anyway,Abi gezunt-when it comes to saving a jewish life-theres nothing which doesn’t passt..

  6. I know “Abi G.” aplogized, but I still want to make a point. We do not need to be frummer than the Torah. The “Chumrah Inflation Industry” is very harmful to us – individually, and collectively. It was ok for the Torah to write in many places (Parashas Shemos – “Isha Meinekes”, and in Shir Hashirim – “Ani Chomah…” and in many other places).
    Don’t be a prude on “Yenem’s Cheshbon”.
    Besides, YW Editor wrote it very pareve, and it was most certainly not in poor taste.

  7. urbanmom – face it – most mothers go back to work and it becomes very difficult to continue nursing. All the awareness in the world isn’t going to outweigh the need for parnossa.

  8. While I agree that there is nothing inappropriate about the post, some of the comments could be written in lashon nikiya without mention of body parts.

  9. This is a very proper and routine request in Israel, for newborns whose mothers are not available (for many reasons) to nurse. No one in Israel would raise an eyebrow on this headline, what’s wrong with all the chutzniks?

  10. baki,
    Since when is breastfeeding or nursing considered not lashon nikiya? I believe that one of the reasons that women today are NOT feeding their babies in the way that Hashem intended them to is because of other people who are uncomfortable with it, namely family members.
    I was appalled when my kindergardener came home and told me that her teacher told her that Basya couldn’t feed moshe his “bottle” so Yocheved gave him his “bottle”. I mean really!!! What is worng with people today?

  11. Abi gezunt
    Kudos to you for having the courage to apologize.

    Kudos to YW, for posting this.

    Isn’t YW great,
    If somebody needs a kidney (chas v’shalom) YW posts it, in hope of getting somebody to donate one.
    If a little YIDISHE baby needs milk to survive YW is here to help.
    If somebody wants to know the news, he could go onto a kosher site (YW), and see the latest. – (No need to go onto non-jewish sites.)

  12. *rolling eyes* what has the world come to?? come on i think people should stop scrutinizing everything and focus on yourself..the world will be a much better place

  13. ABI G
    I “m with Sheryl on this! I think its admirable of you to apologize.
    Thanks for acknowledging his apology. It’s a sign of sensitivity and should be more frequent!

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