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CHULENT stand!!!???


Fortunately for lovers of kosher food in Brooklyn Heights, Brauch Yehuda Ganz didn’t care for his father’s dry cleaning business. “I never liked working with all those chemicals,” he explained yesterday. If he had, Ganz probably wouldn’t have wound up on Remsen St. near Court St. with his kosher pushcart, selling knishes, pastries, sandwiches, soups, cholent and omelets to a steady lunchtime crowd. “Wonderful food, convenient and well-priced,” said lawyer James Gelb as he braved yesterday’s cold, windy weather for a sandwich…….there’s only a pastrami place and a kosher vegetarian Chinese place,” said another lawyer, Ira Lebowitz. “When you don’t have a lot of options, this is a nice, simple place to get food,” said Lebowitz. “This is probably the wave of the future.”

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