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Neturei Karta do it again


Following Hamas’ announcement of appointing Ismail Haniyeh as the new Prime Minister of its government, Rabbi Hirsch, of the Neturei Karta of the Orthodox Jewry, sent the new PM a greeting message expressing the Jews� support of the newly democratically elected Palestinian government led by Hamas , the Islamist anti-occupation movement that has a rich history of struggle for the welfare of the Palestinian population that has long suffered under the merciless occupation of the Israeli forces……..

The organisation has faxed Al Jazeera Magazine the below letter which was originally sent to Mr. Haniyeh, expressing the group�s support and willingness to stretch its hand in help of the Palestinians� cause, out of the belief that the only way to achieve peace is to acknowledge the Palestinians� full rights in the occupied territories, urging world media to circulate the message in support for the new Palestinian government led by Hamas, and confronting the U.S., Israeli campaign to isolate the new PA, regardless to the costs the Palestinians civilians will pay.

Click on letter to enlarge it.
NOTE: These mongaloids can’t even write the correct date!! 2005?? LOSERS!

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