YWN EXCLUSIVE: Jake Stern Interviews Longtime Ron Paul Advisor, Eric Dondero About Paul’s Anti-Israel Statements; Says He Was ‘Used’ Because He’s Jewish



In his latest YWN Radio show, Jake Stern scores an exclusive interview with longtime Ron Paul advisor Eric Dondero who made headlines when he called Ron Paul anti-Israel and anti-Israeli.

He tells Jake that Paul is “anti-Zionist”.

He says everyone must decide for himself whether Paul is an antisemite.

Dondero, himself a Jew, says he was “used by Paul to attend Jewish functions to fend off criticism that Paul was antisemitic”.

Says whenever Paul discusses cutting off foreign aid, Israel is always at the top of the list.

Says he has been getting hundreds of vulgar text messages from Ron Paul’s supporters since he went public regarding Paul’s extreme views, and is asking the Jewish community to support him in his fight to stop Ron Paul.

And the Mainstream Media hasn’t been reporting this because their views don’t differ much from Congressman Paul’s…

Plus lots more!

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  1. YWN’s inbox will now get spammed with hate filled messages from Paul supporters (the thing they know best). I believe that this is the primary reason why the mainstream media refuses to criticize him.