WATCH: Large Kumzits On Plane During Flight


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  1. If only people knew about the wild in-flight “celebrations” that secular fans of Israeli soccer or basketball teams put on to “honor” their team’s successes abroad. This is very mild in comparison. Anyway, it appears to be a charter flight, and as long as the flight crew didn’t mind, we shouldn’t either.

  2. Makes me cringe. Yiden should always keep a low profile. We’re in golus! I wonder if they asked the rest of the travellers if they mind.

  3. It is good today is the 26 of Adar and not the 26 of Ellul. These bochrim might have to ask mechilah from everyon on the plane for disturbing them.

  4. So now people have to worry about whether to book a flight with yeshivish looking bochurim on board. What makes them think they are entitled to disturb even ONE other passenger who might not have know they were booking a rather bizarre form of in-flight entertainment.

  5. I don’t Understand why everyone made such comments if you watched the entire video you would see that the passengers were very into it even the not so frum i think it was a beautiful kiddush hashem