Why Is This Passover Different Than All Others?


An innovative array of Kosher for Pesach products will arrive on grocery shelves in 2017 with unexpected, convenient and ready-to- use foods from well-known kosher names, which not only provide the highest level of Kashrus but can easily be mistaken for regular everyday products.

Among the brands are Gefen, Elite, Shefa, Haddar and Blanchard & Blanchard. For new Yom Tov menu ideas, appetizers and entrees, as well as snacks, candy and desserts, Pesach shopping aisles will be chock full of high quality products from these brands and more that could easily pass as chometz. They are surprisingly unique and delicious for Pesach, and will have your guests commenting, “I can’t believe this is really Pesachdik.”

Perhaps most unexpected is the first-ever pre-made, Kosher for Pesach Pie and Tart Crusts, ready-to- bake in a 9” size for pies and a 3” tart size for individual servings. They are remarkably flaky for their gluten-free status, and offer convenience, great taste and endless options for fillings. (See enclosed recipes from Joy of Kosher’s Jamie Geller.)

Potatoes have been the go-to side dish from Bubby to Hotel Chef alike, due to their versatility and myriad preparation ideas. With the introduction of the new Pie Crusts there is now a second foundation for dozens of new options for side dishes ranging from quiches and pot pies, to pecan pies, cheese cakes and other desserts.

Also convenient and ready to cook are Blanchard & Blanchard’s flash frozen Baby Okra and Artichoke Bottoms. Artichoke bottoms are especially popular in traditional Sephardic and Mediterranean recipes for Pesach. They are all-natural and easy to prepare using the recipe ideas on each package. A great savory recipe is a quiche, baked in Gefen’s Pesach Pie or Tart Crusts.

On the Milchig side of the kitchen, newly launched, authentic Handcrafted Mediterranean Cheeses from Ta’amti are sure to delight the cheese connoisseur. The lineup includes delicious savory braided and marinated string cheeses, mozzarellas and Syrian cheese. Ta’amti cheeses are crafted using age-old traditional methods, hand pulled and meticulously braided for the perfect texture and taste. Melt them in Pesach lasagna, pizza or eggplant parmigiana or simply unbraid the mozzarella for the center table.

Gefen’s Sweetened Dried Cranberries is a delightful new product for this season that is sure to bring back memories of the small raisin boxes of years gone by. They add great flavor to salads and are packed in the perfect single serve package to maintain freshness and portion control. Snack on them right out of the box for the perfect Chol HaMoed treat.

Instead of matzah meal, try coating your chicken with Haddar’s flavored or unflavored Panko Crumbs and get ready for the compliments! Elevate your schnitzel to a whole new madrega!

Also new this year from Haddar is crisp Crostini “toast.” It comes in three tasty flavors — lightly salted, zesty onion and barbeque. These Pesachdik toasts are great as snacks, topped with veggies, or dipped straight into fresh guacamole.

Pesach salads have become increasingly trendy, as ready-to- eat green leafy vegetables and lettuce have become mainstays of today’s meals. Haddar has launched a full range of salad dressing flavors from the popular Nish Nosh and mouthwatering Cole Slaw dressings, to Balsamic Vinaigrette and Classic Caesar. For added crunch, sprinkle salads and soups with Haddar’s new Mandel Sticks.

Terra Chips is proudly adding the hechsher of Rabbi Weissmandl onto their Original and Sweet Potato varieties. Healthy, delicious and perfect for snacking and salad topping, this is sure to be one of the most exciting snack items for Pesach to hit our market shelves. This is a perfect example of a big national brand coming to realize the unique opportunity of the Pesach marketplace and moving decisively to cater to this major Yom Tov.

Whether you buy or bake your own Pesach desserts, there are sweets aplenty for this Chametz- free holiday. Crunch on Haddar Biscotti Cookies in cappuccino with chocolate fudge or chocolate chip flavors and try the new, mouthwatering Macaroon Bars drizzled with chocolate, cocoa nibs or cranberries. These coconut bars have been on the market for a few months now and have garnered rave reviews for their healthy, simple ingredients. They are sure to become a popular ‘grab and go’ bar.

Elite of Israel has reformulated their Shtix chocolate fingers, as well as their new premium range, “The Collection” to make them Kosher for Pesach.

SHEFA’s Fruit Twiggs make great healthy sweet snacks. Naturally flavored animal shaped Gummies in orange, lemon and citrus mix varieties are kid’s classic favorites that are Kosher for Pesach this year. They are all-natural and delicious.