WATCH: Angry Israelis Take Matters Into Their Own Hands After ‘Peleg Yerushalmi’ Block Roads Inconveniencing Thousands


These videos were taken on Wednesday afternoon in Bnei Brak.


  1. I do not get it. This has to stop this can easily Chollila be a civilly war That is what happened by the churban habayis. All we need here is the R chaim R A.L one of the big rebbes all together in one voice come out and say it is asur to do

  2. where are the parents of those kids? Do parents approve of this mishugas or they think their kids sitting & learning in yeshivas while in reality they are putting their lives (which is against halocha) and doing massive Hillul Hashem. As you see they make angry not chilonim but the frum people who are sick and tired with this nonsense. It’s time to bring buses of other yeshiva bochurim from bnei brak and kick those bastards out of the streets. For motorists I suggest to carry a mace, pepper spray, and sprayed thoe who block your car, and see how fast they run.

  3. If their כח הסברא tells them that the Police are “רוצחים”, then they probably cannot learn a תוספות straight any way…

  4. ywn should change their name. has more to do with spreading hate of yeshivas than yeshiva news. while i dont like or agree with these protestors, they claim to have rabbi auerbach behind them. Now, Rabbi auerbach doesn’t need my approval nor understanding when ordering anything. I agree, not living in israel distances us from the facts and therefore makes us much more acceptable to the heretics and hatemongers. And honestly, after hearing the govt intentions, I don’t know of any other option for them than to protest! Find a way to end this govt opression of the little people. I used to live in israel and know very well how effective protests work there (as well as anywhere else). Denying them the right to protest or stand up for themselves without every time seeking our approval is their right.

  5. There doesn’t seem to be any Rav or adult in sight. Who is directing these boys to block up general traffic? Is there anyone taking responsibility for this?

  6. Disgusting. When I was in the Mir, Rav Nosson Tzvi Ztl was makpid that we not attend hafganos- and he was referring to the authorized ones!
    What’s going on is not acceptable. The influence this is having on the Israeli bochurim is devistating .
    Bain hazmanim is time to be koneh al small mesechte, not act like inner city hoodlums!

  7. Just wondering why isnt the headline THIS IS NOT RAMAALH angry isrealis attacking peaceful protesters. The double standard is shocking

  8. This is not the yeshivishe olom I lived with over forty years ago. It’s very painful to watch the video. All the Torah that could have been learned…!

  9. What we need is a simple that states cars may run these unruly individuals at no more than 30KPH. At that speed any injuries sustained will not be life threatening but it will clear the roads nice and fast. Also, anyone arrested at these protest should be forced to undergo Holocaust education so they understand what a Nazi is and why we thank Hashem for allowing us to have an army.

  10. Yridas HaDoros.

    It’s so sad to see the Chareidi society over here get lower and lower in it’s standards. I’m not saying the cause they’re protesting about isn’t important, but their methods are so low, and the care for others is even worse. It’s not just these protests, it’s something that unfortunately plays out in almost every area of our society – lack of understanding and care for the other as a person. There were times and places where a Yid cared about another Yid.

    HaShem Yerachem.

  11. The guy that took a stick did exactly what the Halacha says: see Bova Kamh 28a regarding someone entering your property than you דון דינא לנפשיה ולנקוט פזרא וליתיב וברש”י יקח מקח וישב . I think rabanoim should give shuiruim on this topic so more people will know how to handle this situation.

  12. What a disgrace. 1-2 would be run over with a car this will all stop in a minute. Was waiting for it.

    What a disgusting pathetic video to watch. If this is frumkiet I’m ashamed to be part of it. If Rabbis ok this perhaps I don’t belong in the frum community anymore.

    Just horrifying.

  13. It’s just horrifying; what a terrible chillul Hashem this is!! If their parents sent them to peleg yeshivos, I guess they go along with it. How have they got everything upside down?! Look how that bochur was so careful to cover his head till he got his hat back. But making a massive chillul Hashem doesn’t bother him!!! They all belong in an insane asylum to be treated as the retards they are!

  14. Their parents must be so proud. That little kid who kept on sitting in front of the cars…if he’s 15, he’s old. Does he even know why he’s behaving like a total idiot?

    My only negative comments are: the motorists should have taken their hats & driven over them. This would bother them more than anything, they are obsessed with their hats.

    It is interesting that many of the angry people were frum… not all of us agree with these kind of actions. I hope the parents are prosecuted & the boys get juvie. Maybe they will have time there to think about the consequences.

    Rav Auerbach is not his saintly father, whom I’m sure would never have condoned, let alone encouraged, this vile conduct. Why Rav Shlomo Zalman’s son has not condemned these activities can only mean he is in favor of them. Unbelievable.

  15. Arrest the so called roshei yeshevoth who are behind this,
    They are ones who are not putting a stop to this.
    It’s like the blind leading the blind..
    On the other side you see the real gadol Harav Schtainman learning with his eineklach while reshoim-pelegites are vandalizing the streets.

  16. I always get a kick out of the hypocrites on this site. Apparently violence (actual violence, not just throwing empty petel bottles) is fine-as long as its for your side

  17. to joe shmoe [5] – You really think there can be a צד that this is right? and all this is for refusing to go and sign a piece of paper… What did thepoor guy stuck in traffic do to deserve this? don’t you see it’s pure גזל?

    to crispandrefreshing [9] – since when is blocking a major road “peaceful”? how ridiculous…

  18. fifty teenagers are protesting together how can it be that all these people have no fear each one alone to go into a crowd of fifty and start throwing their hats away? why are they not scared of getting beaten up?

    its simply amazing!
    i dont know of any other group of people in the world that people would have no fear of going up against 1 against 50 then yeshiva bachurim.

  19. This failed society is the result of a hashkafa of zilzul and negativity towards anyone not like them, and against the host nation that has assisted them to learn Torah undisturbed.
    To see the product of full time learning play itself out on the streets of “Torah cities” is more than revealing about which side is correct.
    The yoshvei ohalim are not keeping there part of the deal. It is no wonder that the secular have had it with this setup.

  20. what is even more disgusting is that no Rav comes out against the Chullul HaShem that the Peleg has caused.

    I live in Jerusalem and have not seen one poster against these Chillul HaShems nor have heard of one rabbi who speaks out publicly against it.


  21. When i look at their faces i see brainwashed kids trapped in a cult, no brain for themselves, no personality, nothing. This a warped ideology and is not the way any Ben Torah acts.

    I have no doubt the people / person manipulating these pathetic beings will be punished dearly up there, there is no greater Chillul Hashem then this.

  22. For shame. This video brought tears to my eyes. This is gneiva of people’s time, it’s irresponsible, sinas chinam and a host of other aveiros.

    1. What do these Peleg People hope to accomplish by blocking private inviduals from reaching their destinations?

    2. If the Chareidy community is in danger of being drafted, why aren’t they all protesting? Are only the Peleg Yerushalmi in danger of being drafted?

    Of course, it’s all “l’shem shomayim” uh, huh…like these boys are not chalishing for some action…

  23. who am i to decide which gedolim are right. i see big gedolim who were both praised by the gedolei hador of previous generations as gedolei olam taking differant sides on the way to deal with these matters.

    However in truth there are 2 ways to find out what is da’as torah.

    1) what the gedolei torah say.

    2) what bala batim – who aren’t chachomim say.

    Why? because the Sm”a in Choshen Mishpat says that דעת בעלי בתים הפך דעת תורה because Hashem says כי לא מחשבותי מחשבותיכם Hashem machashavos are differant then the natural thought process of mankind only through the study of HIS Torah day and night for many many years can we begin to understand the correct approach of Torah.

    in this situation method 1 to reach daas Torah is split for there are gedolei olam on each side however method two seems to lead to a clear conclusion. amongst people who are engrossed in torah all day i see a split in opinions but a see all the people who dont learn and all the people who never felt they must follow exactly what the gedolim say in so many other situations – they all seem to be on one side…

    i cant stop laughing when i see people who have no shaychus to torah emphatically stating there personal veiws on matters the gedolei hador disagree over – when will they realize that whatever they say is just strengthening the opposing veiw…

    if they want to support their opinions they should pretend they support the opposite side…

    there’s a famous story about two of the greatest gedolim of the last century Rav Meir Simcha the ohr samei’ach and the Ragachover Gaon. they had a big argument and could not come to an agreement so they decided to ask an someone who was unlearned in Torah and who ever he would say like the other was really correct…

  24. This made me very sad.
    I totally agree with you “32. Philosopher”.
    They should go and protest outside the Prime Ministers house like so many do.
    Blocking the flow of traffic in Bnei Berak is hardly going to accomplish anything.
    Like you said, why inconvenience other frum jews, some of them probably on the way to doing a mitzvah or attending a simchah.
    Don’t get me wrong, I do feel for the chareidi Jews in Eretz Yisrael facing these terrible gezeiras but surely a daf gemara and some heartfelt tefillah will accomplish more than this.

  25. clarification:
    i have nothing against balah batim, i happened to be one myself (or else i wouldnt be waisting time on the web) but thats why i dont express personal opinions on matters that gedolei hador disagree about.

    every balah bos is unbeleivably holy and needed in klal yisroel!

    just the question a torah jew asks is what is hashems veiw on the matter and that we can only know from gedolei torah our natural is usually off as hashem says כי לא מחשבותי מחשבותיכם ולא דרכיכם דרכי
    so all we have left is to listen to the gedolei torah (or the balei batim and figure out whats the oppisite thats why when gedolim argue balei batim need to speak up dont be shy we need you here)

  26. #36 is a fraud and just another liar stuffing coolaid down our throats. Please read the following and respond:

    I have never before commented here, but just can’t control myself. I learned by Rav Shmuel in Yeshiva. I used to visit him every time I was in Eretz Yisroel. I can’t bring myself to visit him anymore.

    Just take the Peleg on here today going crazy defending them,selves and saying that Rav Shmuel made a clear announcement last night that everyone should leave peacefully and only a few bad apples cause violence.

    Really? So that means that Rav Shmuel and the Peleg ENDORSE the nightmare standstill traffic around the country for the past three months?!?!

    We thought so.

    I am finished with these thugs. Rav Shmuel has no idea who is around him and telling him such a pack of lies. It is just sickening.

    How many people lost money because of this traffic? late to work? Late home from work? late to doctors? Missing appointments? Missing flights (I know of a few personally).

    And watch them respond that he doesn’t condone blocking traffic, but he does. Just read his own newspaper called Hapeles. I believe YWN even published the clip from it last week telling all their followers not to use Highway 1 that night but instead to use the 443 because it will be closed due to Hafganos.

    They are literally a bunch of thugs. It was sad at the beginning, but now it’s become a sick reality that needs to be stopped.

    Stop finding them. Stop funding BMG – since Rav malkiel Kotler is raising these animals millions of dollars. Stop funding the Tzedakos of Rav Elya Ber Wachtfogel of South Fallsburg who is fundraising for the thuggery every day. Stop funding Chaim Berlin and Rav Aaron Schechter who is a huge supporter of this madness, and of course stop giving all the chayos from the Eidah and Satmar (R Zalman leib – and his French Jewry campaign) a PENNY.

    That should take care of the problem in a short time.

    The gezel dirabim of peoples time is horrific and I am saddened that no one at the peleg can provide a maar makom in Halacha for the Heter to do this.


  28. Israeli news media are reporting serious disturbances caused by employees of the Israel Broadcast Authority who are about to lose their jobs. This included very unruly demonstrations, and BLOCKING TRAFFIC. YWN’s silence on this interesting news item is significant. I guess you don’t want to report this, because then, by rights, you and the erstwhile commenters would have to call this group of non-chareidi protesters all those vile names that were showered on the Peleg Yerushalmi protesters. Same crime — not the same reporting. Perhaps YWN thinks this news item is not worthy of a Chareidi yeshiva website…. But, there’s nothing to worry about. After all, how many YWN readers click over past the first page to read this?

  29. Dear therealstory, how do you expect simple logic to change the nature of שנאת עמי הארץ לתלמידי חכמים? Even with this hatred in him, the jew is so great that even an am hoaretz wont flaunt his hatred to talmidei chachamim because his conscience doesn’t feel right about it but every once in a while the opportunity comes when a few kids act inappropriately and then we can hate them לשם שמים but of course its ONLY THEM and the hatred IS ONLY because of the chillul hashem they cause. But the truth comes out a sentence later when they can’t stop themselves from spilling the beans and showing their true colors and from the few kids in Yerushalayim it turns into “Stop funding BMG – since Rav malkiel Kotler… Stop funding the Tzedakos of Rav Elya Ber Wachtfogel… Stop funding Chaim Berlin and Rav Aaron Schechter…” There is nothing like the timeless wisdom of chazal who state גדולה שנאת עמי הארץ לתלמידי חכמים…

  30. #39 – No one cares about non religious Jews blocking highways here. This is a CHAREIDI website. Get your head out of the sand and stop the trash talk.

    Not opne person gives a hoot about some broadcasting personnel about to lose their jobs blocking intersections. They aren’t making a chillul hashem. They aren’t wearing black hats and the rest of the uniform of Bnei Torah that has been hijacked by the reshoyim at the peleg.

    Shame on you for even comparing it.

  31. I think I’m finally understanding the anger against and condemnation of the Peleg Yerushalmi. It seems that only CHAREIDI Yidden are capable of creating Chilul Hashem. NO OTHER Jews, even if they are religious in any way, and surely if they are secular, none of THEIR actions can ever constitute a Chilul Hashem.
    It also follows that all self-appointed poskim, dayanim, Talmidei Chachomim, assorted talkbackers, and commenters, are duly deputized to declare which actions of others — in particular Chareid yeshiva students — fit the bill as being actual Chilul Hashem. Especially if they do not live in Eretz Yisrael, because they have a better perspective on what’s going on in Eretz Hakodesh. They understand all that is really going on here. And to issue rulings on what is considered Chilul Hashem.
    Once all of the above has been established, it now becomes clear that all who report on and post their sanctified official “macho’os” in protest of above mentioned Chillul Hashem activities now have license to speak/write as they please. The accused perpetrators of Chillul Hashem — which only applies to Chareidi yeshiva students — are now “fair game.” Any self-appointed posek, dayan, etc. is now permitted to condemn the perps using any and all form of coarse, debased, disgraceful name(s). Because THEIR SOLE INTENTION, like that of YWN, is their abhorrence at, and rejection of those (Chareidi yeshiva students) who are judged in the court of public opinion and YWN — to be guilty of Chilul Hashem. Such sublime souls simply cannot tolerate anything they deem to be Chilul Hashem.
    I’m wondering who is causing the real Chilul Hashem.