Police Chief Angry At Investigations Unit For Monitoring Activities During Peleg Protests


Police Chief Roni Alsheich has contacted officials from the Justice Ministry Police Investigations Unit to express his anger over learning agents in plain clothes were armed with cameras, photographing police at Peleg protests.

According to the Walla News report, this is the first time the Justice Agency acted in such a fashion, sending undercover agents out into the field to document police actions to use against them later on. Police report that these activities compromise the department’s ability to function properly and it is unacceptable to try to turn police into the criminals.

The report adds some police were angered during a recent Peleg protest when they actually saw members of the investigations unit photographing them.

Officials from the Justice Ministry’s unit refused comment on this specific case, adding they use all types of means to document the actions of police in the field.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The police in chareidi protests – and only in chareidi protests – act like criminals. They would never spray blue water or sewer stuff onto violent secular protests or on violent Arab protest. Never! Only on chareidim do they think they can do whatever they want. Police who act like animals or criminals should be accused of such.

  2. Police cheof angered? ??
    Oh…only civilians need to act properly and police can act worse than animals? ? Hypocrite! !

    “these activities compromise the department’s ability to function properly”???
    This is called properly??

    America has a Internal Affairs to make sure the police behave properly and don’t abuse their power, about time israel does this! !

    The chief is upset?take off your kippa….faker! !

  3. crazy! how can we allow surveillance of the police who are just trying to fulfill the requests we see day in and out by so many yeshivaword commenters that they should just “beat up the bnei Torah”?

    true there should be surveillance by chiloni protests because there so peacfull always its just the chareidim who are terrible and im not biased! i get my news from a “yeshiva..” website

    for example there was a demonstration a few days ago of tens of thousands of protesters for many hours and all i saw was violence and violence and violence!!!