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VIDEO: Cops Brave Storm to Rescue Suicidal Man from Verrazano Bridge

Cops braved high winds and lightning to carry out a dramatic video-taped rescue of an emotional Brooklyn man who had threatened to leap off the Verrazano Bridge for more than four hours Monday afternoon, the NYPD said.

The span’s upper deck was shut down as police brought in a Cantonese-speaking officer to try to talk to the man who clung to cables on the bridge’s outer ledge.


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  1. Git Meshige, could you be more insensitive? Clearly this man is suffering, so much so that he contemplated taking his life. It’s support he needs, not notes of disgust like the likes of your comment.

  2. Mark & Git: A person was feeling so bad that he wanted to take his life. I feel like you wouldn’t joke about this topic if you appreciated the value of life.

  3. A person is depressed enough & unhappy enough to want to take his own life and Yidden, who are supposed to be rachmanim, can only leave unkind comments. What does that say about us?

  4. I hate to sound so callous but after sitting in traffic for almost 2 hours along with hundreds of thousands of other motorist I just wish he either would have jumped right away or taken some pills in the comfort of his house.

  5. BH neither of you (nor I) have ever wanted to commit suicide. Don’t be so quick to be sarcastic when you don’t know what was going on in his head. Also if the title had been ” hassid attempts suicide saved by police” I bet you would have different attitudes.

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