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In Honor of Rachel Imeinu Yohrtzeit – Heartrending Single by Yoeli Greenfeld

In Honor of Rochel Imeinu’s Yahrzeit today
Bonei Olam in Conjunction with MK Studios, Presents:

A heartrending New Single – Featuring Yoeli Greenfeld with (Gorgeous) Child Soloist Shia Mendlowitz

Min’ee Koleich MiBechi

Featuring: Yoeli Greenfeld with child prodigy Shia Mendlowitz
Composed by: Rabbi Yaakov Feingold
Produced by: MK Studios (Moishe Krauss)
Arranged by: Zisha Schnitzler
Adult and Children’s Choir by: Yossi Glick
Mixed and Mastered by: Ruli Ezrachi
Presented by: S. Feingold

Since 1999, Bonei Olam’s mission is to provide resources necessary to help childless couples achieve the dream of parenthood. Maintaining 18 regional chapters in 5 countries worldwide, Bonei Olam provides millions of dollars in financial assistance to cover the prohibitive costs of fertility treatments and medical procedures. To date, over 6,600 children have been brought into the world through the assistance and resources provided by Bonei Olam.

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