VIDEO: Beit Shemesh Chareidi Job Fair Sparks Protest


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It appears that something as innocent as a chareidi job fair sparks controversy in the community today, and that was the case in Beit Shemesh, when the Mafteach organization held its annual job fair. Mafteach (מפת”ח- מרכז פיתוח תעסוקה חרדים) officials were confronted by local zealots, who had harsh words for the fair, decrying the effort to introduce chareidim into the national workplace.

Protests accuse the organization of pulling avreichim from the beis medrash and into the workplace, where their lifestyle and adherence to Torah and Halacha would be compromised.

Click HERE to watch this video on a mobile device.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Yesterday, in an article about drafting Chareidim, the YWN Israel Desk used the phrase “Sinas Chinam”. And rightfully so. Why is that phrase lacking here?

  2. You mean charedim were protesting against chareidim who may be interested in working?
    Cant be……… unless its the guy who took off a few weeks of Kollel to cone collecting last week in the 5 towns

  3. These chassedim are becoming (in)famous – already 1200 hits on youtube. What does “zionists are christians” mean? I dont get that insult – chrstians dont belive in g-d?

  4. Bet Shemesh has become the hotbed of anger, disdain and chilul hashem. There are more apartments for sell in the area than buyers are interested in. The next few new areas are not selling like ‘hotcakes’ anymore.

    Moderate (normal) Charedim and Bnei Torah are looking elsewhere, in fear of this ‘crazies’. They have no rebbe, no mesorah, no torah and pure anger for everyone.

  5. This is truly the theater of the absurd. These clowns are being PAID to put on this show. They are at work and not in the Beis Medresh learning and are involved in actions against the Halacha. They and their supporters must be clearly labeled as APIKORSIM, heretics and not counted as Kosher Jews for any purpose. They can not be counted in a Minyon, their touch is POSUL wine that is LO MEVUSHAL and they can not be AIDIM for any purpose.

    Aryeh Zelasko
    Beit Shemesh