WATCH: Veteran Mechanech Rabbi Pilchick Brings a ‘Korban Pesach’ to Class


Veteran Mechanech HaRav Yaakov Pilchick was spotted in Boro Park with a sheep, used to teach his class about Korban Pesach.


  1. Now that this rabbi has declared verbally that the sheep is for korban pesach, what is the status of the sheep? Is it kod’shim? Is it now an issur of koreis to shecht it outside the azoro? Does one have to wait for it to acquire a mum and then be podeh it before it becomes chulin again? We need to be very careful to avoid saying or doing things that create serious shailos like this.

  2. If the sheep understood what they were talking about, it might cause the poor critter great anxiety (as if being taken to a class room full of noisy boys was scary enough).