Video Of Interest: Chareidim Standing United on Yom HaZikaron 2014 [Taken At Bar Ilan Junction In Yerushalayim]


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  1. i agree, where r the cheriedim. what did kikar shabbat look like? these are just ehrliche middos dik people and or americans. you can also clearly see that young boy has no idea whats going on, iMHO its just bad chinuch… even if you disagree with the medina or with the idea that they decided this day should be for mourning, you still teach a child to respect others in public.

  2. Look again or do chareidi women and children not count for you?
    Not taking sides but if chareidim would take the initiative and show a little respect for the seculars the seculars may have respect for chareidim. If everyone stays hot headed not willing to give in nothing can be accomplished except increased hate.

  3. @ akuperma…..

    Are you dumb, blind or hateful?!?

    At :44 seconds you will see a non-chareidi wearing white pants pushing a delivery cart and at :53 seconds you will see a chareidi man standing in place. Grow up………………

  4. Grow up?! Just imagine they were to make this stupid silly rule here in the united states of America, how many people would obey this? Only the silly secular Israelis that have no connection whatsoever to anything real or meaningful can make such a silly law.

    The emptiness that these Israelis show is mind-boggling, why would any world leader agree that Israel has to be a Jewish state if there is nothing Jewish to it?

  5. and excuse me, on the shmuel hanavi side of the corner, is that an arab woman standing still? or is that the cult women, i guess we’ll never know. the bottom line is this , proper chinuch is teaching YOUR torahdik values which includes respect for others. My children want to know why there is no school tomorrow. you can explain it so that they can respect it and stay true to their mesorah all at the same time…

  6. If the medina is opikurses, then the national laws are apikurses too. In fact even let’s say that there was no isur in creating the medina (which is false), the State of Israel is not a Jewish state. Jewish and observant is one. Torah & mitzvos are not a choice. So by obeying a law that’s their nationality and idoaligy is to stand and celibrate yom hazikaron, someone who loves hashem and hates the evil and the bad would not participate in this law. That’s why the frum Jews don’t stand by the siren and that’s ehy they don’t participate in the IDF, Nd that’s why Satmar Rebbe ztz”l didnt let participate in the votes.

  7. I’m introducing a new minhag when the siren goes off let’s all lay down. I’ll get RABBI Piron & Druckman to Pasken it’s Dinah dmalchusa.