Video Of Interest: IDF Soldier Makes Siyum On Mesechta Taanis At Gaza Border In Dead Of Night


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  1. Too dark to see well but what an amazing, amazing kiddush HaShem. What a nation we are! HaShem, if that doesn’t impress You, what will?
    Big deal we’re not perfect yet! Send us Moshiach and you’ll see!
    So beautiful!

  2. Proof positive that all the posters who claim the goal of the IDF is to make young men irreligious (or better yet, shmad them), are liars! Anyone who wants to maintain their frumkeit can do so, as my many nephews and cousins have proven. Btw, have you people seen the MANY pictures of soldiers davening with tefillin out in the field recently? I wonder why the IDF allows this if they are so anti-religious.

  3. Yanky55,
    It’s NOT so poshut!
    Yes, you’re right, but if it was so simple, the gedolim would not object as vehemently as they do!
    There are different types of families and different types of bochurim!

  4. Yaapchik: What you’re saying may be true to a degree, but if there really is a problem within the Bochrim’s communities and families, the problem lies within them, not the IDF. There is a problem with their own Emunah and the causes should be investigated and corrected.

    There are too many (one is also too many) Chassidim and Yeshivish people in the U.S. going off the derech. Something is very wrong, but only nonsensical reasons are blamed.

    It seems to me that many of these Bochrim would benefit from the structure and camaraderie within the IDF