Video Of Interest: IDF ‘Golani’ Troops Say ‘Gomel’ Blessing At Kosel



  1. Birchat haGomel was the appropriate thing for the IDF to do. If only the entire army would have done so. Can you imagine Ponovitzer Yeshiva boys or Belzer Yeshiva boys in this army and singing Hatikva?

    #4 Everything a person does for the Rebono Shel Olam is a kiddush Hashem. This blessing Gomel is no bigger kiddush Hashem than learning Torah to help the IDF fight off the enemy.

    #3 “holy chayalim” If only the army would become holy. Then they’d make a kiddush Hashem.

  2. To #5 & #6,the HATE THAT YOU HAVE FOR THE IDF IS THE REASON THAT MESSIACH IS NOT HERE.On your day of judgment may Hashem have mercy on both of you and NOT judge you in the same way that you judged the IDF.

  3. I am offended personally by the people who speak poorly of the chayalim.
    If you want to praise the yeshiva students who learn..fine..I praise them, as well, but please don’t discount the great holy mitzvah it is to risk one’s life to defend the lives of fellow Jews. Even greater praise can be given to those young men who both learn, defend, and conquer their yetzer hara by going out in a dangerous spiritual environment, which the IDF can sometimes be. May H’ assist them all in their role they play.Amen.

  4. #7 You got it wrong. Mashiach is not here because Hashem hates immorality which is the worst crime a person can commit. There are plenty of books in many languages describing how hazardous it is – both physically and spiritually. Instead of being angry at Hashem for making such laws, why don’t you learn more about it?

    #8 Of course saving lives is a great mitzvah but there’s no mitzvah to endanger one’s life by it. Soldiers who have no Heavenly fear are putting their lives in danger when they go out to war. That’s why we need a G-d fearing army to save the lives of the soldiers “first”.

    No greater praise is given to those who endanger their lives spiritually. If anything, just the opposite. The more they mix with non religious Jews, the more dangerous it is for them and the more sins they can accumulate. Had it been the way you’re saying, our Rabbis would say so too. However, for our Rabbis, the opposite is true.

  5. arye, please stop it.

    You have no idea what a transformation occurred in combat troops serving in both operation brothers keeper and protective edge, with 15,000 and 40,000 troops respectively serving for both operations. All of whom had their pintele yid awakened to some degree. No doubt they received packages from shuls, teffilin from chabad, or tzitzit from the mir, or even inter battalion prayers and dancing with achdut, plus the countless prayer gatherings done on their behalf.
    That changes a persons outlook ever so slightly..think about that.
    Also, there are no atheists in a foxhole. Think about that as well.

  6. To#9 Hashem HATES,HATES AMONG JEWS MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE .The second Beis Hamekdash was destroyed because of hate.Twenty four thousands of Rabbi Akiva’s students died because they did not show enough love for each other .Rabbi AKiva says “you should love your fellow Jew as you love your self ,that is FROM THE TORAH”. Arye since you have so much Hate for your fellow Jews ,it means YOU do NOT love yourself.May all of us do Teshuva !

  7. You guys have got to STOP! What will it take for all the negativity and hatred to stop? Did we learn nothing from this war? How much closer to home does this have to hit for us to finally learn to love one another and our differences?