WATCH: Hikind Fires Back At Caller, Says New Housing Will Never Happen



  1. Hikind says Caller’s plan to build apartments wont happen. He says its a dream and a false promise. But he doesnt say why it cant happen!

    Whats the secret, DOV? PLease tell the populace why it wont happen!

  2. Boro Park dont need more direhs. Just pick up yourself and go upstate or lakewood, its to crowded already, and where will u park 2000 cars?
    Besides it will never happen, if caller loses (he will) will he still build de 2000 direhs? For sure not Cuz he cant

  3. First it needs environmental survey then you need to take someone’s ownership
    Away. Not easy caller is blowing joy sir and he knows it

  4. Azoi.ISIS

    Listen to him. He says don’t rely on me. Ask anybody who is in this line (construction, bureaucracy, real estate,) find out who owns the locations, if they agree to sell, build, apartments. How many apartments can be built on the site, Lets assume everything is doable, is 2 or even 4 years even realistic. He says don’t take my word for it. Just please make an informed decision. David G. ran on housing instead of sanitation, he then woke up and realized it’s not that simple. Same will happen here.

  5. I agree with Mr Hikind. Mr Caller Plan is just hot air. He tried several times in the past to become an elected official and always lost. Now he tries to sell you this…. Me Caller…. You don’t have to be an assemblyman for your housing plan ! If your plan is so good, and you want to help the people of BP, than after you loose this election sit down with Mr Hikind and other elected officials and together make this plan work. Stop bashing Hikind – a person that has always worked for klal Yisroel -with your lies and disgusting negative mailings.