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VIDEO: Bennett Shows BBC Victim of Jerusalem Synagogue Massacre

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  1. He shouldve thanked bbc for the shooting. Theyre very much jnvolved in the incitement. When you justify murder all the time with whatever justification you are complicit.

  2. Shas Chairman MK Aryeh Deri is calling today’s massacre a “declaration of war.”

    “The horrible massacre in a Har Nof shul during davening this morning leaves no other choice for us: we are fighting for our lives,” Deri stated. “I call on the Prime Minister to address the recent events as a state of war for all intents and purposes, [and start] an operation in Yerushalayim for the total elimination of terrorism and the restoration of peace and security of the residents.

    “No more ’self-defense,’ no more ‘restraint.’ It is time to eliminate these murderous terrorists,” he said.

  3. And the stupid, anti-Semetic reporter actually asks him not to display the graphic tragic impression-engendering photo he wishes to display.
    How heart-wrenching this story is! ?וואס וויל דער ריבונו של עולם
    ה ינקום דמם

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