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WATCH: Eyewitness Interviews, Har Nof Terror Attack (English)

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  1. Gov’t and police are giving off a deep sense that these niftarim were our people’s creme de la creme.

    That this community were real national treasures

  2. Har Nof can learn from the Belz Area. Most workers; besides for those that are employed by outside real estate building companies for the new projects= are NOT ARABS!!!!!! You have bachurim, avreichim that need parnasah. You have special ed kids as delivery boys; everyone understands that they can be 2 minutes late. The yeshivos and batei midrashim here have ethiopian or erentreau goyim/christian. No Arabs here!!!!!!!!!

  3. Geula,

    I understand the chesed it would be to give special need individuals jobs, however it seems a little mendacious and dishonest that your motivation is that, “everyone understands that they can be 2 minutes late.”

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