WATCH: Protest in Kiryas Joel Outside Verizon Store


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  1. I think this is a bit old. Either way, there are some really gevalt nutcases out there who shrei at everything ‘cept for themselves.

  2. Do they want Sprint or AT&T instead? I assume that the landlord who rented the store is a member of the kehilla, so if they object direct the protests to him.

  3. #3 i listened with sound on. it is davening. i think it was chazaras hasahtz. the guy in the front shuckling spaztically is the shaliach tzibur.

  4. I am so glad someone got a vid of a chillul hashem as it happened. BTW, undoubtedly this was recorded on a phone, did the recording phone have a hechsher?

  5. now that LooneyToons no longer makes cartoon characters any more for us to laugh at, we have these loony tunes who protest some stupidity or other, and YWN who doesn’t feel it worth even telling us what they are protesting…