VIDEO: Rabbi Berland is ‘Mesader Kedushin’ In Under 2 Minutes – Who Places Ring On Kalla’s Finger?



  1. What is so shocking, it is a chupas nida the Rav is helping the chosson put the ring on without doing an issur.
    What’s more shocking is understanding what YWN intentions are in publicizing this headline, and if you were to read the Chofetz Chaim there is a very long list of transgressions involved in this! Utterly shocking!
    And btw, knowing personally the story, this is a ba’al Teshuva couple that were living together, the Rav tried convincing then to get married and immediately upon agreeing took them outside before they changed their minds. A true Tzaddikim, saving people from sin.
    You YWN, on the other hand should be ashamed of yourselves!

  2. Headline is incorrect. He guides the Chosson’s hand and instructs him what to say. The Chosson is the one that put the ring on the Kallah’s finger.

  3. Please correct me if I’m wrong. What I saw in this clip is that R’ Berland was mekadesh the woman under the chuppah!!!!!!!!!
    He said Haarei Aat and he gave the ring

  4. The title of subject is False and possibaly Motzi Shem Ra. If you look closely Rabbi Berland is holding the Chossons hand when the Chosson puts it on. Please change the title and be careful. You are causing a big Chillul Hashem with this video title as well as causing a great sin to klal yisroel as it is Motzi Shem Ra!

  5. This is total slander, irresponsible and pure misleading Lashon Hara. Please take a closer look. The Rabbi is holding the Chatan’s hand and the Chatan put the ring on the Kallah. You should correct this immediately.

  6. If you look closely, you can see that the chatan gave the ring. Kiddushin with a Shaliah.

    The rabbi tells the chatan to say “hari at….” It seems like the couple is a BT couple who may have been “married” before without a proper kiddushin.

  7. The Rav definitely did not put it on. By Sfardim the mesader says word for word. You could see the chossons hand under the rabbis hand the chosson has the ring.
    I would suggest YW ask mechila Befarhesia. Hizaer bitagachaltom.

  8. Who cares who did it? It seems to me that the Chosson did it, aided by the Rav. But let’s say they follow the many opinions that for a Chupas Nida a Shaliach does it (albeit those opinions are not followed in our circles, they may be followed in his). What difference does it make? She is Mekudeshes nonetheless. I wonder if whoever posted this article would like someone following THEM around all day, taking videos of everything they do, and posting juicy headlines of the nature that they posted, ignoring any vestige of real substance.

  9. I am not sure what YWN is implying over here. It clear that he is helping the chassan put the ring on. And besides even if not, who said the chassan is the one who has to put on the ring? The chassan has to be the owner of the ring and give it to his wife. But he doesn’t have to be the one personally giving it to her.
    You guys are really ridiculous. Not sure why people don’t think he is a Gadol because wikipedia doesn’t shed him in a good light. Look up the Wikipedia page for “Exudos from Eygpt”.
    Pure Lashon Hara on a Talmid Chacham.
    (When R’ Chaim Kaniesky was sitting shiva for the rebbetzin, he wouldn’t get up until R’ Berland came to be menachem avel.)

  10. Lots of facts missing about this ceremony. the kallah isnt dressed the part (looks like she is ready for a day at the mall), no badekin, no sheva brachos, but then again, perhaps the person recording simply didnt send it to ywn. looks like he guided his hand with the ring, but then again difficult to tell. Under NHL rules the video evidence is inconclusive, so YWN editors original ruling stands.

  11. It gives everyone what to hock about, what to criticize, what to shmooze about, something to do with their time and gossip the latest. What could be so bad about reading this article?

  12. I assume this was a Sha’as haDechak 1) In case Chosson changes his mind about a Kosher Kiddsuhin, and 2) In case Rav Berland is deported from the Netherlands, and hence that they married during period of Sefiro mourning, according to all Minhogim.

  13. SORRY but you are WRONG WRONG WRONG

    If you pay very close attention, you will see that the Chosson is the one who actually places the ring on the Kallah’s finger. The Rabbi hands the ring to him at 1:11 and if you look closely you can see that under the Rabbi’s hand the Chosson’s is holding the ring the entire time while he is repeating the words., “Harei at…”

    (This is most clear at 1:18 when the Rabbi pulls his hand away and the Chosson’s hand is still around the ring on the Kallah’s finger. ) The Rabbi only has his hand on the outside of the Chosson’s hand in order to guide him.

    As far as the Rabbi saying the words “Harei at Mekudeshes Lee…” This is the way it works at pretty much every wedding I have ever been to. The Mesader Kiddushin says each of the words and the Chosson repeats it — as is done in this video. It is only the Chosson who has intent to to be mekadesh the Kallah.

    בפרקי אבות (פ”א מ”ו), יהושע בן פרחיה אומר, והוי דן את כל האדם לכף זכות. ופירש רבינו עובדיה מברטנורא, כשהדבר שקול, ואפשר לדונו לכף זכות או לכף חובה, יש לדונו לכף זכות. ולא לחשוד אותו חנם שעושה מעשה שלא כהוגן,