WATCH: Londoners Tell Us Who The Worst Human Rights Abuser: Israel Or ISIS


We took to the streets of London to ask who has the worst record for human rights, Israel, ISIS, North Korea, Iran or Saudi Arabia. What people said will shock you. These are the actual responses, no videos were left out. There is a skew to male respondents as many of the women we approached were uncomfortable responding on camera.


  1. Those Ignorant and Stupid subjects that said Israel is the worst human rights abuser, won’t change their minds, even after viewing this clip. While there is rationale for Anti-Semitism (jealousy, different etc.). Even when non of the reasons apply, it’s there with its full intensity. Countless Jewish people thought they had the solution (Reform, Zionism etc.) Only to realize their failed attempt. Anti-Semitism is a irrational Reality. It started with יעקב and עשו and will last until the end of days. Reminding the world of the Holocaust or denouncing anti-semitic incidents happening around the world, doesn’t in anyway deminish or even lessen, the Despising and Hostile Feelings the World has to us. We are in גלות, and Anti-Semitism will be the Sad Reality until this גלות comes to end. With the arrival of משיח צדקנו and the בנין בית שלישי.

  2. an interesting YWN video clip. my only comment is re the “contrast” portion of the video attempting to show the world that the “poll vote” among the UK people polled is way off base. of course,it’s way off base! but when you begin to display the extent of “human rights” the israeli people have by showing how they value “gay rights”, that’s where we part company. a good analogy would be to compare “sewer water” to “clean bath water”. all one needs to do is put one drop of ink in that clean bath water and that “clean” bath water would look exactly like the “sewer water”. gay rights is equal to israel’s drop of ink. i rest my case!

  3. It’s supporting abomination and other wrong that increases the world’s hate. It has always been like that; The more we try to bridge the gap between Jew and non-Jew, the more they hate us. Anyone who tries to educate the masses about how Israel is correct etc., is only wasting his time.
    I would like to add that such abomination should not be shown no matter what. It’s a chillul Hashem.