WATCH: Williamsburg Liberals Deny Orlando Terror Attack Was Motivated By Islam


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  1. 1) Buddhists have killed many Hindus.
    2) When you talk about whether Islam is violent, you first have to make clear WHICH version of Islam you mean: Sunni, Shiite, Huti, and so on. They’re actually all violent, of course, except for the “reform” Islam, which means Muslims who have redefined Islam so that they might truly become pacifists. That is, if such really exist.

  2. “Buddhists have killed many Hindus.”

    The Sri Lankan Civil War, which was Tamil Hindus against the Buddhist government, was one in which each side killed more people than any Islamic group in the 20th century.

    “They’re actually all violent, of course”

    So are most Christian groups if you look at history prior to 1945.

  3. Uter nonsense Charlie exactly when did Christians try to kill others
    If you mean hitler. He was a socialist not a Christian. Read history stop making it up

  4. @4 Examples of Christians killing others particularly Jews; The Crusades,the Spanish inquisition,and pogroms etc.Peaceful religion indeed.

  5. charliehall – Not only are you picking and choosing history etc, even on the ones you are trying to compare is not relevant, the issue with the violence and massacres of islamists in modern era, is all done and executed in the name of islam – unlike The Sri Lankan Civil War and others were not carried out in the name of religion.
    lets take a war like in Sudan millions have died and murdered – main cause = All in the name of Islam.
    Syrian war – main cause = Shiites vs Sunni.

    Yes, christians and others have once murdered millions in the name of religion but have adopted since. However,Islam is still living in a 12th century jihadi mindset!