WATCH: Video of Insensitive Color War Breakout That Staged Mock Levaya (Photos Posted Earlier By YWN)


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  1. Clearly immature but give these kids a break…its all in fun and wasn’t meant to be disrespectful to any individual or segment of the tzibur

  2. Bizarre!
    I like the teams, olam hazeh and olam habah. It’s very creative.
    I get why they came up with how they broke it out, but that is twisted and shocking!
    I hope no one present had any losses, cv’s. That would be very painful.

  3. It’s strangely cute! Clearly over the the top though!
    Just curious! Were there any children there who נעבעך lost a parent רח”ל or a sibling?
    This must have been quite hurtful for them.
    Somebody wasn’t thinking!

  4. “Clearly immature but give these kids a break…its all in fun and wasn’t meant to be disrespectful to any individual or segment of the tzibur”

    It was disrespectful to the Torah and Judaism. A levaya is not something to be used as a joke, especially when dealing with very impressionable children.

  5. Who’s never heard of the tchiyas hamasim tantz? Oh, I forgot, this is YWNBT.COM where they never heard of it.

    Anyway, much ado about little. Best thing is, if anyone has nightmares, they’re in camp so camp deals with it.

  6. Years ago at a boy’s camp the same thing happened, only a few days afterward, a meningitis out break happened and most of the campers got very sick and one young teen died.
    Needless to say, it is an awful idea. Sends the wrong message to campers. Isn’t anything sacred anymore?

  7. If you can have a mock wedding, you can have a mock funeral.
    Why are we even surprised that this happened??
    Both are sacred.
    A mock wedding can evoke pain in campers who are siblings of older singles where weddings are nothing to laugh at.
    And they do it all the time.
    This camp has lost all sensitivity and sensibility.
    For Shame!!

  8. No. 11..

    Whether you intended this as a dire prediction or not, your comment is even more inappropriate than the questionable decision by the camp leadership to use a mock levayah to start color war. Lets stop trying to use some distorted version of hashgacha paratis or anything like that to make these cause-effect linkages.

  9. Frum and fair – I totally agree with you. I was a staff member in that camp that year. It was very uncanny and scary what ended up happening R’L.. I think that in the spirit of fun people sometimes forget to use their seichel – a lesson for us all to take to heart. Before we act, to always think and/or ask for an eitzah from someone qualified.

  10. Since when to ppl on yishiva world have a say in a camps activities?!?! Just because someone sent out a video doesn’t mean we need to give opinions the camp staff had no issue with it so it’s not yours