WATCH: Members Of ‘Lev Tahor Cult’ Describing How Authorities Raided Their Compound



  1. All he said is that they raided the place, didn’t give them a chance to get dressed or call their lawyers before busting down the door @ 6am. The woman is his wife and the children are his too. They both look really young to have 3 kids, but who am I to judge? I was actually surprised at his fluency in Spanish.

    He ends off saying that the girl’s grandfather survived the Holocaust and wrote a book, and that he told the police they are doing exactly like the Holocaust.

  2. Not only does This reformist cult take our beautiful yiddishkeit and turn it into something ugly and extreme, and remove the bechira that brings schar olam habah through their mind control, but now their extremism will mean yet more of their children well be taken away – and this time perhaps put into yoisha homes r”l.

    This cult has no basis in frumkeit, let alone halacha.

  3. “They both look really young to have 3 kids, but who am I to judge?”

    Helbrans has admitted in an interview that he would marry girls off even younger than 16 if it was legal, and in Guatemala maybe it is.