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WATCH: Clinton Joins Recount Effort That Trump Calls A ‘Scam’

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  1. Hope some Republicans are there to watch against additional fraud. Whatever it is, nothing will come of these recounts. It will only cause her additional aggravation.

    However, Trump should recount the States that Hillary “won” and go through and deduct the dead people, illegal immigrants, voters voting for her more than once and voting machines that auto-changed to Hillary, she’ll definitely lose these States too.

  2. While Jill Stein (and the Greens) are expected to by annoying pests, the Democrats and Republicans do not go around demanding recourts in elections that aren’t super-close, which is why those three states would not normally be candidates for recounts. By Hillary and the Democrats as a party becoming part of the far left’s “Not my president” movement, they are in effect saying “double or nothing.” If they fail to turn the election into a Democratic win (and note that all the congressional and state elections suggested this was a “Republican year”), they will have lost the usual “good will” the parties displayed towards each other (something like “bad sportsmanship”), and the Republicans will feel free to strike back (voter ID to weed out dead votes and illegal aliens, abolishing the filibuster in the Senate, etc.).

  3. “Crooked” Hillary lives up to her nickname. She believes that she deserves the presidency. She can not accept the idea that American people have rejected her. May be Trump should appoint her to be ambassador to North Korea.

  4. The country is ripe for and needs a non violent Revolution

    The Democrats are hard at it pulling the air out of the balloon and wind of the sails

  5. Trump will prevail.
    The point is that Hillary Incorporated and Dems are fascists , don’t obey rule of law ( sanctuary cities),
    counted Fla. unregistered voters, will never compromise with anything ( see Obama-Pelosi-Reid regime) worship a murderer ( Castro) and scorn the American people, and despise their own supporters.
    Contrast this with the man liberals loved to hate, Nixon, who lost a close election, and where there was wink-wink evidence that mayor Daley, the arch-crook , manipulated Cooke County, Chicago to help win it for JFK.
    Nixon refused advise for a recount, saying he didn’t want to cause damage to the country.
    Why do I have this feeling that Lady Serpent wants to be back in 4 years again.

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