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Meah Sherim Mom Accused Of Starving Son, Pleads Guilty In Plea Deal

Despite earlier reports to the contrary, it now appears that a deal is in the works concerning the ‘Meah Shearim mom’, whose name may still not be published as per the gag order on the case.

Efforts to finalize an agreement were in full swing on Wednesday, but the deal is not closed as of yet. It appears that the mother’s attorneys will agree to accept monitoring for the mom, in exchange for the state dropping demands for prison time.

The 30-year-old mother of six, a resident of Meah Shearim, stands accused of abusing her children, with some insisting she suffers from Munchhausen by Proxy, an illness in which a mother intentionally causes her child to become ill to attract attention. This is the contention of the medical experts at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, whom have gathered video evidence of the mother compromising her son’s condition.

The arrest and subsequent accusations against the mother led to rioting, eliciting the ire of the Meah Shearim community and rabbonim affiliated with the Eida Chareidis, to the point that at one time, a boycott was declared against Hadassah.

AS WE GO TO PRINT: A deal has been signed by which the mother is pleading guilty but she will not serve time in prison. She will be permitted to see all her children as per the terms of the court decision, which requires a measure of supervision.

FLASHBACK: The video below was taken at a massive demonstration in Manhattan outside the NY offices of Hadassah Hospital. Rabbi Moshe Dovid Niederman speaking says “we are here today to protest the so called State of Israel’s terror campaign against an innocent mother”.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

8 Responses

  1. For all those big talkers in the past, SEE!!!, now she admitted hurting the poor kid, after being presented ‎with the video evidence and other testimonies, she had to fess up and take the plea, I hope, that she ‎can get all the help she needs, to get herself together again. Thank HaShem the kid is doing much ‎better.‎

  2. #1 She did NOT admit! She was forced to the plea deal and did NOT plead guilty. She had a choice of either sitting behind bars or the plea deal whether she committed the crime or the doctors committed the crime. Well, the doctors won even though there is all the proof in the world that they are guilty. In the corrupt Israeli court the prosecutors win 99.99% of the time!!! Believe it or not! Don’t you get it? Can you understand why the hospital “lost” the documents??? Did you see the photoshopped video? They added her face to a completely different person. Don’t believe me. Go look at it yourself and stop being so gullible.

  3. The fact that she will not go to prison is a complete victory for her and the Jewish community, and an admission of defeat by the zionists that they falsely accused her and mistreated her.

  4. Oh please.. there were chareidi doctors who saw her do it too .. give me a break. You don’t get put in prison for doing nothing.. stop the zionist paranoia.

  5. To #3&4,
    Look who’s so gullible!!!,
    Your Reasoning and Rhetoric is beyond the Peripheral of Vision. you need to stop your zionist paranoia. Not everything is the fault of the Medinah. As a matter of fact, she did confess her crime, plus the kid is in better health now away from his mother than with her.

  6. Please everyone calm down!!!
    This accused lady is unfortunately now in a wheelchair after complications following the birth of her youngest child. She is semi-paralysed!!
    This is the true reason that she is agreeing to the plea-bargain – she doesnt have the strength, physical and emotional, to fight anymore.
    Personally, I have no idea whether she is innocent or not but the evidence I have seen makes me wonder if any court could convict based on that. Also the fact that the prosecution is allowing her to get away with almost no punishment (unlike most high-profile chareidi stories) is a further pointer to suggest that the prosecution is afraid to go to court. I heard a radio reporter asking the prosecutor this question (ie why are you being so lenient with her?) and he mumbled something about the safety of the children being the most important thing. He had no answer why are the children in danger if she is locked up for 5 years…..
    As I said earlier, the main reason she signed is her unfortunate state of health. May she have a refua shleima!

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