VIDEOS & PHOTOS: Chareidi Violence (Hafganos) Carries NIS 1 Million Price Tag


[Incredible photos & videos below] Minister of Public Security Yitzchak Aharonovich announced the chareidi riots has resulted in damage amounting to NIS 1 million, including burned garbage receptacles, traffic signals, road signs, garbage trucks and other vehicles, and street lighting fixtures. The minister made it clear, that anyone apprehended damaging property will be held accountable, unwilling to turn a blind eye to the unacceptable behavior of those who part in the rioting surrounding the relocating of the bones at Barzilai Hospital to another location to permit building a new hospital unit.

A number of secular NGOs have turned to Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, insisting the city mustn’t pay for the damage, but those responsible must be held accountable. They went on to praise City Hall’s decision to halt services to the area of the rioting, primarily Meah Shearim, stating services should not be resumed until the damages are paid for, adding this may serve as an incentive to think twice before engaging in such action in the future. 

A team of photographers for YWN Israel were at the Hafganos on Sunday night, and after viewing the photos, one thing hits the viewer in the face. Dozens of young boys, some as young as 8 years old are seen lighting dumpsters on fire, and causing other damage – as late as 10:00PM. One can only wonder where the parents are……

PHOTO LINK: Click HERE for YWN Photos of the Hafganos.

YWN thanks: B.W. Posen, Chaim Schwarcz & Yosef Gottlieb / Kuvien Images (Yehuda Boltshauser & Co.) for their incredible photos and videos:

video #1 Protests in Jerusalem against the moving of the “Barzilai Bones” (B.W. Posen / Kuvien Images)

Video #2 Protests in Jerusalem against the moving of the “Barzilai Bones” (B.W. Posen / Kuvien Images)


  1. Unfortunately, this is a real Chilul Hashem. My son who is a real Charedi and lives nearby where some of the cans were burned called me as he was passing by. He said to me “Mommy, oy vey what a mess and a chilul Hashem. There will be no one to clean up and the place is a mess”.
    No, my son is not violent nor does he hold from this type of violence. Yes, he is married with a family who any mother would be proud of. Yes, he agrees that there are many floaters in garb of bochurim without hashgocha in Eretz Yisroel, some from here and some from there.

    By the way ZeitBsimcha how could you tell who is American and who not?
    You may be right and we will not get into this issue.
    In short, years ago when it was normal to listen to radio at 10:00P.M. there would be a recording “it’s 10:00 P.M. do you know where your child is”?
    Then we wonder why there are so many problems and divorces once some of these delinquents get married because they were sold as a top boy who learned in Israel?

  2. “Mah nafshach!”. If they are “chareidim” – those who are charad l’dvar HaShem – violence is probably the wrong word to use. And if it is violence, chareidi is certainly an inappropriate choice of words.

  3. #5, let’s assume that all people who identify themselves as chareidim, are indeed “charad l’dvar hashem” why would that mean that violence is the wrong word?
    Secondly, YWN didn’t invent the idea of calling these people chareidim, that’s why eceryone else refers to them as such, much like calling people orthodox/frum even though there are many things that we all do that violate being frum.

  4. -there were bachrum speaking in English in the video’s who were very obviously American.

    This is so sad to watch. both in person and on the video’s.

    The only people who get hurt are us.

  5. In the rest of the world, Violence means personal injury. Bloodshed. We do a nice job of burning only what’s hefker. Did you notice how “calm” the scene is while the Israeli press and buslines are insisting that it is “rioting”? Women with strollers feel comfortable there. I don’t necessarily condone the protests, but they are not realistically assessed either. Cabs and other cars drive through, but news says the streets are closed due to the violence. It’s crazy how hard the Israeli establishment/left work to portray charedim as animals. Watch these videos. See the boy guide the runaway garbage can to a safe stop. Notice how safe the area is as far as walking around. I was there last summer during protests. They are so calm and dignified compared to the rest of the world, yet the rhetoric is used against them: riot violence. pshaw. Some damage of ownerless items, some mess, some noise. That’s all. Maybe the city should stop treating frum areas like second class citizens.

  6. Bored yeshiva guys….. and their parents think these boys are sitting in yeshiva!!
    The yeshivos should not allow boys out at this hour, and boys who are found at these hafganos should be severely punished…..

  7. It’s time for the eidah hacharedit to fork over the money to pay for all the vandalism created by their leaders calling the people to riot, last summer during the riots because the of the accused mother of chid abuse and the parking on shabbat by the karta lot (not that I approve violating shabbat, there should be no driving at all on shabbat)the leaders called to burn Yerushalyim if it was necesary to make their point. It time for them to use the money from the kashrut service to pay for all the public property that has been destroyed.

  8. #8 – The boy did NOT “guide the runaway garbage can to a safe stop”. He was VERY lucky, b’chasdei HaSh-m, that that heavy steel dumpster did not crash into a car or a pedestrian mother with a baby carriage. It could have been a terribly serious injury or even death.
    As YWN said..
    Where are the parents!!!
    There are legitimate things that require protest, and there are menschlich ways TO protest, even forcefully, BUT, – Yidden should not behave like shkutzim for ANY reason.
    For people who are so makpid not to go “b’darchai’hem”, and not to dress like “them”, they should learn to, KAL V’CHOMER, apply that to their BEHAVIOR!!!

  9. chgoachdus,

    Do you have any children living with you at home, we need to call social services if you really think that this is good behavior. The best protest is in the beis hamidrash.
    Ppl like you are the problem. Dont justify it, educate ppl around you that this isnt true torah judaism.

    Shame on you.

  10. #8, I don’t know if u were responding to what I said, but my comment to #5 wasn’t based on having seen the video, just on the assumption that if they are “charedi” it is by definition not violence.

    And how do u define hefker? Someone has to pay to fix what’s broken, and clean up the mess….

  11. #13… I don’t recall saying “good behavior”. I pointed out that compared to goyim, these — our worst behaviors — are considerably better. Of course the best protest is in the beis medrash, or even learning at home with the children, or doing other mitzvos. I had no intention of justifying their behavior. I was trying to broaden the perspective and be sure that we do not lump this behavior with true rioting that occurs in the broader world. That would be unfair.

    I don’t appreciate your ad hominum attack. And shaming went out in the 80s. Please don’t do that to YOUR children. Thank you for notifying me that I am the problem in klal yisroel. I was trying to figure it out.

  12. #12, I was referring to the following:
    In the top video start at 2:10, two boys in white shirts (no jackets) are pushing a dumpster like they aren’t sure what to do with it … it gets away from them and heads down Rechov Meah Shearim. After it skirts people standing on the corner (2:19) a chassidishe boy (long coat & hat) runs and pushes it across the street into the barracade where it will rest (2:30). In fact, I think the same chassidishe boy tries at 2:15 to stop that dumpster when it passes him.

    I only want to say that these videos are ALSO full of decent behavior. The generalizations to the contrary hurt us all.

  13. Cars driving through is not a rayah of anything. Taxi’s will go through anywhere anytime. The buses end up getting re routed and it takes triple as long to get anywere. The streets being blocked meaning that it is difficult for traffic to go through.
    I don’t think portraying them as animals is that far off.
    There might be worse human animals in other countries but that doesn’t make these any better.

    I don’t know about hefker but when in a heat wave ppl are uncomfortable opening their windows because of the smell of smoke that def does not seem harmless.
    The cities property is not hefker and needs to be taken care of just as someone’s person property.

  14. speaktruth … good points about hefkerus. There’s no justification for wanton destruction anyway, but it is a madrega to pick garbage. The city workers aren’t so careful when they shoot their water canons either, as far as I can tell. It is not a good situation and it would be very difficult to live near and have the smoke and then the following days where the city cuts off services (even more punishing) … and no bus service to get places (most in the affected neighborhoods rely on bus service). It is not the majority’s fault–yet they suffer tremendously from these demonstrations.

    I do think the cars driving through are a rayah that the streets are not “closed” as many portray it. The streets are clogged, and difficult to pass. But, they are not necessarily closed. Accuracy would go far in all these reports (from both sides). My experience last summer was that often times the city or bus company says there are demonstrations and things are closed when there is one smouldering cannister. I walked there and saw that what was really being done was economic punishment of the locals in a neighborhood. That’s just another piece of the picture.

    I don’t have any problem with the people responsible … setting up the actual fires, being apprehended and made to pay restitution for smoke damage, or any proximate consequence. It gets very complicated though when the city itself takes actions that exacerbate the consequence.

  15. The city does not own anything. It all belongs to the taxpayers. When property the city has control over is damaged it’s our property that’s being damaged. I for one am no fan of somebody destroying my property. Those who do the damage and those who instigate are equally at fault and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The chilul Hashem here is tremendous. Aren’t we supposed to be trying to make a kiddush Hashem? Sitting in the bais medrash learning would accomplish a lot more than all of this destruction. The fact that our rioting is not as bad as their rioting is a pretty dumb comment. How exactly is rioting, according to anybody, a kiddush Hashem?

  16. Not one person over thirty years old. All children and young “adults.” Where are the grown ups? What kind of parents lets his kids out to make fires in the streets? The grown ups are afraid of being arrested, that’s why they don’t block Kvish Echad any more: they get arrested immediately. So they stick to their own neighborhoods and wreak havoc there. And they know that it’s too much trouble to arrest a child, or spray him with a water cannon. So they let their kids out into the bedlam and encourage them to have a good time. What a shame and a disgrace. How can we respect the leaders of such a community when it is clear as day that they are abetting this behavior? If they have so little decency and common sense, are their psakim credible?

  17. To#18
    Why blame the city??? Yes the “majority” suffer the consequences of the “minority”. But I blame the parents for no having their kids home instead of setting fires outside (Lag BaOmer ended a couple of weeks ago), and also the Rabbanim for not keeping these kids in the Beit Midrash learning or saying Tehillim.

  18. Why don’t they rather go and make a kiddush hashem and or pay for seminars to get yiden closer to hashem ( there are a group of chasidim like BELZ that never go to hafgones but rather are mekarev thousands of yiden to hkb”h via their tesuvah movements

  19. These people are ruining our image and are seen in the media over the entire globe! What do we answer when jews who we try to show them how nice yiddiskeit is ask us about the CHAREIDIE peopke in israel?

  20. I was recently at a question and answer session for non-religious girls in Israel for the year. They kept asking about these events. They were clearly turned off by what they had seen. If even one of them doesn’t become frum or observes less because of what these kids are doing, I shudder to think of the ramifications in shamayim. This is wrong, plain and simple!