VIDEO & PHOTOS: Hafganos Continue: No Solution Apparent in Ongoing Jaffa Protests


As promised, protests in Jaffa against ongoing excavations did take place with hundreds of chareidim on hand, confronting and defying police, who warned if they do not disperse, additional arrests would occur. About 120 protesters were detained and arrested in Monday’s protests.

Following the arrest of an admor and a prominent rav on Monday, police on Tuesday morning threatened to arrest Eida rabbonim too, including HaRav Aaron Brandsdorfer Shlita and Rav Teitlebaum Shlita. As of the early afternoon hours, no such arrests were made but Jaffa area senior commanders warned they will not tolerate the violence and interference, and they will arrest anyone who fails to comply with orders to disperse.

MK (Yahadut HaTorah) Menachem Eliezer Moses decided that something must be done, immediately, explaining the deteriorating situation mustn’t be permitted to continue. Moses managed to meet on Tuesday morning with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, followed by a meeting with Public Security Minister Yitzchak Aharonovich. Interestingly, both ministers told Moses they were unaware of the goings-on surrounding the Jaffa excavations and the arrests.

When asked if it seemed “logical” to him that the two claimed to be unaware, Moses responded that in today’s Yediot and Haaretz, the Jaffa protest was found deep in the newspapers and it is only front page in the chareidi world. Therefore he feels the two are presumed to be telling him the truth.

Moses explains that he told the prime minister that unlike the case with the kevarim at Barzilai Hospital, where everyone shouted pikuach nefesh; here this is not the case, but simply a real estate venture and profit, rejecting and attempt to justify the ongoing excavations. He also raised the matter of the arrest and detention of rabbonim.

Moses reports the prime minister contacted his bureau chief, Eyal Gabbai, instructing him to become personally involved.

Aharonovich was also unaware of many of the details Moses reports, and the minister promised to meet with senior police commanders to learn what is going on.

Ironically, one MK who approached Moses with an offer of assistance is Dr. Ahmed Tibi, who offered Arab protests alongside the chareidim in Jaffa in exchange for chareidim alongside Arab protesters in Jerusalem.

Tibi reminded Moses that the site for a planned tolerance museum in Jerusalem is on top of a Muslim cemetery so it would be mutually beneficial for the chareidim and Arabs to join forces in this case.

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(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. hey i have a great idea! together , we can stop the madness. i would like to encourage any one with a video or a regular camera to photograph the bored ,sports- deprived, directionless people and children just like the in the video above and post it on a dedicated page. they are surely afraid of being caught by the police right? obviously it would help to notify them that they will be humiliated in front of lots of people and that the pictures may be downloaded and plastered all over jerusalem, leading to their eventual capture, but only after the camera is tucked away to discourage the kind of rock pelting that MK yishai got yesterday. I wonder if there is a rav out there who would object to this (being a moser on a fellow yid) because these human beings pobably have a din RODEF on the whole chareidi population in israel .

  2. מעשה שהיה כך היה (און ליין חב”ד):

    ביום חמישי כ”ד ניסן תש”ע, בבית העלמין ב”מרחביה”, פורעים ערביים שיברו וחיללו חלק מהמצבות של המתים. – ימים אחדים אחרי, ביום שני כ”ח ניסן תש”ע, ערכו הרבנים הראשיים לישראל, הרב משה שלמה עמאר והרב יונה מצגר, ביקור מיוחד בבית העלמין ב”מרחביה”, הרבנים הראשיים עשו את כל הדרך מירושלים למרחביה מביטים סביבם בעיניהם כלא מאמינים. כשהם מלווים ברב היישוב, ושליח חב”ד הרב ברוך ליפקין, ועוד. – בטקס מרטיט, ביקש הרב עמאר את סליחת הנפטרים, הרב עמאר עבר קבר קבר, ונישק את המצבות הפגועות. מעיניו של הרב עמאר ניבטו דמעות של עצב -הרב יונה מצגר היה נוקב וחד בנאומו מעל אחד הקברים: “כל הדואג לכבוד המתים מזומן לכאן לראות את הזוועה שיד אדם יכולה לחולל ולחלל”. הוא מוסיף ואומר: “מערכת האכיפה צריכה למצות את הדין עם הפורעים למען יראו וייראו.

    וכאן הבן שואל מה נשתנה אלו מאלו:

    1) ב”מרחביה” לא פגעו בגופם של המתים אלא במצבות – וב”יפו” פגעו וחיללו את גופם והוציאו מקברותיהם!

    2) ב”מרחביה” ידם של גוים בחשיכה – וב”יפו” ידם של יהודים לעיני השמש!

    3) ב”מרחביה” עסקה המשטרה בחקירת האירוע ובאיסוף ממצאים – וב”יפו” בחסות המשטרה!

    4) ב”מרחביה” הרבנים הראשיים עשו את כל הדרך מירושלים לבקשת מחילה – וב”יפו” אף מילה אחת!

    להרבנים הראשיים הפתרונים!

  3. I understand the concept of protest. I understand that people have a right to organize rallies, write letters to the officials and even boycott individuals and establishments.
    I do not understand why young children, yes children who should be home with their parents in the evening hours, are running around Yerushalayim and setting fires to garbage dumpsters. They are endangering their lives, and the lives of others. They are tying up the Fire department and the Police recourses which may be needed somewhere else. They are blocking traffic for ordinary citizens, Ambulances and other emergency vehicle. G-d forbid few block over someone needs an Ambulance and it can’t get there because the trash fire is blocking the street. There must be another way to protest, without endangering lives and without the use of minors.

  4. This is amazing! What pathetic behavior. What good are they doing? They are thieves. Burning public property. Making people late by obstructing traffic. Total losers. They, by definition are NOT charedi.

  5. Achmed Tibi and the Charedim join forces. I have to say that I’m not surprised. Both are sonei Yisrael. The difference is that Tibi is not creating a chilul HaShem, he is Eisav..just doing his job. The Charedim (and don’t tell me that they are not representative of all Charedim, if not then where are the Rabbonim?) are creating a huge chillul HaShem. As usual Chredim are making it more difficult for frum people to live life in this world without being hated by the non-frum and the goyim.
    At the end of the day we see what the real story is Charedim and Palestinians form a bond of intolerance and hatered toward Jews and Israel. May they all suffer in Gehenom.

  6. May ALL the people commenting on this and other articles (including Rexford) learn from comment #4 from Sinaipres how to express an opinion in a good mannered way. people have the right to have different opinions, but to call on your own Yiddishe brothers such names and speak on them so awefully just because they have a different view, is such a sad thing. Now, I know that responses to my comment will be, “well they shouldn’t this and they shouldn’t that” etc., This is absalutely no excuse!

    And to Anti Charedi #8: Do you still believe in “Gehenom”?…

  7. #9 I believe in Gehenom, do you. It is obvious that these Chareidim don’t, and by defending them you apparently don’t either.
    Being frum is about halacha and a true Torah way of life. it is not about malbush, not about the chumra of the month club, not about chillul HaShem and certainly not about destroying property, hurting people and causing situations of sakanas nefashos.
    The problem with them is that instead of calling them out and destroying what most frum people call a minority- you talk about ” but to call you own Yiddishe brothers such names….” you are perpetuating the problem.
    Charedim need to wake up and see that they are causing the rest of us alot of problems.
    this is not an issue of a different view- this is an issue of these people being outright chayos and behemos.
    Instead of embracing them maybe you should ask your Rabbonim to come out against them in public and put a stop to this.
    Maybe they should chas v’sholom get jobs and be productive rachmana litzlan.

  8. To AntiCharedi
    So I guess you’re frum and anti charedi. right? Please educate me, what exactly is that!? is that called “Dati”? So there’s “Charedi”, Dati”, and Chiloni? did I get it? now what are the perameters? when you write “and don’t tell me that they are not representative of all Charedim, if not then where are the Rabbonim” I assume you exclude yourself from being a charedi. Can you please help me with that. I really want to be on your team. what do i need to do. Leave my kipa and remove my hat? Or is it enough if I just change my hat to grey? Does it have to be srugah, or can it be velvet?
    By the way did I ever defend their acts? I only defended the rudeless way you are attacking them? Don’t you beleive in chazal, not to be “moser din lashomayim”? How do you dare write words on another Yid “May they all suffer in Gehenom”? AF”L! Who are you to say such words, no matter what they do? Please see comment #4 which I phrased even though he did not defend the Kanoim.

  9. cdkra- You see you dont get it. Being frum is not about hats or yarmulkas, it’s not about giving everything a title. Where is your kovod habreeos, or is that a concept you never heard about? Who are you to judge Chilonim or people who wear kipot srugot or anyone? Why is it because you wear a hat and a black velvet yarmulka, is that what give you a right? Is that what yuor fumkeit is all about?
    You get everything wrong- you call them kanoim- they are animals. And as far as sending these “yidden” to gehenom with their Palestinian cohorts- that’s where they belong. This is not my opinion but that of Rabonim who have stated that “dinam din rodef” But why would that matter to you it’s halacha- it’s got nothing to do with being frum. As long as you have your hat your good to go, you can do whatever you want your a charedi and that makes you as close to being a god a you can be.
    By the way- what exactly does “rudeless” mean? I looked it up in Frumspeak and it wasn’t there- please enlighten me.

  10. I really thought you’re deeper than that. You didn’t get that I was being sarcastic relating to your comment. What I understood of your comment is that you’re blaming the entire charedi community. Not not only eida, not only kanoim, but everyone who calls himself charedi. And I will requote your words “and don’t tell me that they are not representative of ALL Charedim” Obviously you’re not blaming yourself. Here is where I see you differenciating between different sectors ONLY in accordance to your taste. Namely ALL charedim are to blame, but there are other FRUM jews not to blame. So you were the one giving titles and parametors only to fit to your politics.
    Can you please advise me of which rabbonim stated them as dinom kedin rodef? and isn’t this in contrary to the rest of your previous quote “and don’t tell me that they are not representative of all Charedim, IF NOT THEN WHERE ARE THE RABBONIM”
    You’re the second person attcking me personally on my English and grammar. You’re right! I’m not the best at it, but I’m trying hard. Do I still have the right to express my opinion? Does my poor grammar bring down the rate of my opinion being acceptable? or are you just exercising the typical tactic done by the media to denounce someone personally in order to gain the readers’ side to you?

  11. Poor grammar is a sign of poor education, hence a reason to doubt the voracity of the writer’s intention and opinion.
    As far as my not being deep- you still don’t get my point that every member of a community is responsible for the actions of members of the community. So all Charedim are responsible for these animals.
    I only use the word frum so that people of your ilk would understand who I’;m taling about- but alas you don’t. I am talking about Torah true judaism. Being Chareidi as you can see from the actions of these beasts does not mean that you are living a Torah way of life.
    Do you understand now? I can’t simlify it more despite my not being deep enough for your exteremly high level of inteligence.

  12. I disagree with you. Not everyone is made for language, even if they had the best education. It’s a nature. Secondly, since our talks are on “Torah true judaism”, I wonder how your grammar is in Loshon Hakodesh or Yiddish. I bet, you’ll be the one not educated. Do you want to try?
    No one gave right to the people doing wild acts, but we keep on forgetting the main thing. Just because people are expressing their condemns the wrong way, it doesn’t give right to dig up graves that might be from Jewish people, even if it’s only a small percent.
    Even the gedolim who were matir by Ahkelon, I haven’t yet seen a heter by Jaffe. Instead of being busy ripping down acts of some charedim, why not bring out your being hurt on the desecration that’s going on?
    Finally, please answer on my previous question: Can you please advise me of which rabbonim stated them as dinom kedin rodef? and isn’t this in contrary to the rest of your previous quote “and don’t tell me that they are not representative of all Charedim, IF NOT THEN WHERE ARE THE RABBONIM”