VIDEO & PHOTOS: Brooklyn Jewish Cemetery Vandalized – 200 Graves Vandalized


(Photos of the desecration posted below) Police are looking for the vandals who toppled gravestones in a Jewish cemetery in Brooklyn, authorities said yesterday.

The crime took place in Washington Cemetery on Bay Parkway near McDonald Avenue in Borough Park between Friday evening and Sunday morning.

More than 50 headstones were knocked over. Cops are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.

Click HERE for video, and click HERE for photos taken by Shimon Gifter for YWN.

(Source: NY Post)


  1. Do people care, since this cemetery is not in Europe. We spend so much time overthere when in our own back yard we have a Jewish cemetery that is neglected.

  2. nothing will happen about this because the cemetery does not care and dov heikand does not care and community board 12 does not care . i’ve complaining about this for years.

  3. As terrible as this is, in terms of kavod for kevarim and a beis almin,
    the MORE serious question is…
    What does this tell us about our safety here, our future here in the goldena medina. This was not one or two stones, it was TWO HUNDRED!
    We are being given a message.
    Will we hear it?
    Will we wait, chalila, for shuls and/or yeshivas to be smashed up (which has happened already) to get this message?
    Will we wait, chalila, for Yidden to get smashed up to get the message?
    What WILL it take for us to get the message?
    Will we let our disdain for the “terrible Zionists” deafen us to HKB”H’s message that it is time to go home…