The following is a roundup of all videos & photos which were posted by YWN and our affiliates throughout the blizzard of December 2010. As new material is published, this thread will be updated, and it will be noted in the headline as well. If you have any photos and/or videos of the blizzard that you would like to have published on YWN, please email them to [email protected]

Thanks to Shimon Gifter, Yissochar Dunoff / Kuvien Images (Yehuda Bolthsauser & Co.), www.FlatbushScoop.com, & BBuser from NY Buff for all the videos & photos.

Click HERE for Batch #1 – Click HERE for Batch #2 – Click HERE for batch #3 (Loaded 10:00PM) Click HERE for photos in Lakewood.












These two videos were taken in Boro Park during the Blizzard.

(YWN Storm Center – 2010)


  1. I’m quite surprised there is barely any footage from BP. Besided for actual blizzard footage, hatzolah was extremely busy doing their amazing work too it would be nice to see it too…

  2. I think there is a good business brewing for Brooklynites. Somebody should put shovels on their SUV’s or pickup trucks and go around and clean the streets. Wait for the City to do it and you’ll get nowhere.

  3. This will be used as evidence when Bloomberg will say he was a leader in crisis, the only thing he will be famous for is 20 minutes at the meter and the ground zero mosque which he illegaly helped obtain permits.

  4. From the vantage point of the upper floors in an apartment near Kings Highway and Nostrand Ave in Flatbush… There was a sanitation truck with an attached plow stuck for hours on Sunday night. Nostrand was barely 1 lane and people were walking with their entire families in the road. No buses on Tuesday, people walking in the streets.

    Why didn’t they salt early as they do in Chicago? The equipment does not seem suited. Where are those industrial strength snow plows that are meant for snow storms? Counting on sanitation trucks to get through snow like that is asking for trouble.

    More warning to people to keep their cars parked and then get the plows and salt out immediately would prevented some of the failures.

    Maybe a call to Mayor Daley to get some tips on how to handle the snow ahead of time is in order.