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VIDEO: Peter King Says Bin Laden’s Death Came From Waterboarding

Earlier today word surfaced from a senior intelligence official that critical information that ultimately led to the attack on Osama bin Laden’s compound came from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Others, including former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, hinted that some interrogation techniques at Gitmo may have contributed to the successful capture of bin Laden. During tonight’s O’Reilly Factor, guest Rep. Peter King (R-NY) claimed to host Bill O’Reilly that the information that led to bin Laden’s death came as a result of waterboarding.

Watch the clip courtesy of Fox News and MediaIte.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. A more accurate headline would be “Waterboarding interrogation provided information leading to Bin Laden’s location”.

  2. This is only a surprise if you are a left wing liberty hating terrorist loving mislabeled American. Otherwise you already knew this and its not news.

  3. do they mention that 96% inmates at guantanamo has avraham avinu’s y-chromosome?

    so they’re torturing semites for intelligence on how to exterminate the epicenters of their population and culture on the most remote regions of the planet and the tiny little jewish population applauds it. really, do u back idolators to those opposed? what side is avraham avinu on?

    doesnt seem like torturing semites is anything new, just another excuse from the same old group of racists. so are we intelligence cattle now? are we crops on an intelligence farm? whats the next step, is it to stuff some semitic scientists in a room and force them to cure aids with torture? i guess king and derschowitz would think so. hey it’ll “save lives” right. that thought’s ancient history to the western europeans.

    maybe they should uncover the truth and hand all the intelligence over to those they torture and steal it from

  4. Oh wow… this is intense.

    I also agree with #1- the headline makes it sounds as if Osama was waterboarded to the point that he died.

  5. 6HZ1W3J – The nearest I can come to deciphering what you wrote is that you think Arabs and Jews are the same because they both descend from Avraham Avinu, therefore they should be treated the same. I assume you would also apply that logic to Esav, who were the ones doing the waterboarding.
    Anyway, how do you know they have Avraham Avinu’s y-chromosome?

  6. #10, gitmo does have something to do with this.
    #7, we know exactly what ydna avraham avainu/moshe rabainu have and it matches up exactly with the sayyeds(decendants of mohammads male line), only 16% of the jews have it (not that the others arnt jewish). the jewish population is microscopic compared to the arabs with near 70%. chechnyann general area has 75%, 65% of guantanamo inmates are extracted from yemen who have 75% and is the center of the population structure.
    #6, no i’m not, and can we get a check on how others are feeling with that ydna please. im feeling a little “waterboarded out” to be honest.

    the intelligence being extracted by torture isnt for self defence, its initiated by racists for whatever they feel like using it for.

  7. A less confusing headline would be: Bin Laden Says Death Waterboarding Came Information Says Peter King

  8. No. 3: Have you been speaking to the occaisional poster who calls him/herself “enahak”? You “sound” just like him/her. Maybe it’s just that you smoke the same cigarettes, or drink the same kool-aid.

  9. We know FULL WELL that we share DNA with these descendants of the one who is referred to as “pere odom.” This only proves Torah – and proves they are still “pere odom!” It does not mean that we do not take every measure we must take to make sure those who are “pere odom” are dealt with swiftly and severely so that they do not continue to endanger those of us who live like bnei odom.

  10. “we know exactly what ydna avraham avainu/moshe rabainu have”

    May I ask who obtained the samples? Who lab did this testing and are the results of this testing available to the general public?

    “gitmo does have something to do with this.”

    Read all about it on fox.

    Bush-Era Interrogations Provided Key Details on Bin Laden’s Location
    By Catherine Herridge
    Published May 03, 2011

    Read more:

  11. 600kilobear/nfgo3/ddfreeport etc,
    you need to take into account the broader scope of population genetics history. western european ydna went from .5 to 5.5continent majority in the last few hundred years by genocides using government. this is whats going on here, not jewish morality.
    they are targeting the exact epicenters of the semitic population and are imposing limitless torture.

    (all female ovum are fully developed at 3months gestational stage and are completely encased, it’s unlikely females evolve the chromosomes at all even their own xdna.. therefore only the ydna is responsible for evolving the chromosomes and m267 was likely responsible for evolving the xdna of matriarch.)

    you cant be jewish and be at war with avraham/moshe’s exact bloodline and promote western europeans right to torture it for science.

    we need to formulate a consensus of those remnants amoung us who have both primary chromosomes and allow leadership thereof
    u just cant argue with a concensus of the exact bloodline that made monotheism and wrote the torah and koran.

    snap out of it and hand the intell over to where these pigs stole it from. who’s property is it?

  12. apushatayid,
    its extremely common knowlege for phylogeneticists and governments.
    i can respond with documentation and sources if u email my screename at gmail, the mods dont usually let me post scientist names and sources or something.
    skorecki1997/thomas mg1998,behar2003 -the majority cohaniem were all the same(*espeacially when only looking for the oldest/most know traditions)then that exact ydna matches the majority of the decendants of mohammads male line with similar frequency*. my point and alternative proof is when you observe the situation in chechnnya/dag and guantanamo with this knowledge, other than that this line shows the physical semitism everywhere inhabbited as well as anti-idolatry.

  13. to be honest afghanistan shows low smetic ydna though i can’t picture anyone getting in there and collecting samples properly and when i look at arabic language area maps it tells a different story showing allot of tiny pockets all over the region to the exception of the surrounding areas..
    why can’t we see and make public the methods of the drone snipers and whos operating them, and see the propaganda they’re using to teach the snipers how to spot the specified individuals, because its my guess that the profile they’re using matches the smitic profile perfectly and that western europeans are flying and operating them.

    if the usa has binladens dna then lets publish it and gadaffis. whats going on? and lets see obamas.
    same old story.

  14. Is it SO common that one would simply “google” it and get the information?

    Please answer one question. Sources, names, dissertations are not necessary. How was the ydna of avram determined? moshe? Did someone get a dna sample from either of them?

  15. the kohaniem passed down their tradition since moshe rabainu, the muslims also after mohammad(only 1400 years ago). the vast majority of the samples of decendants on each side match as well as the geopolitical situation of these population in present day matches the history.
    the documentation also shows a staggering 25% of dna from europe just recently aquired into the jewish people..
    i’ve numerous sources, graphs, documents etc. showing allot of gravity

  16. No. 16: You did not answer my question (in comment 13), but I think you answered my question.

    No. 21: I don’t think they have religions in Outer Space.

  17. pete king has a long history of lies and making up fiction and presenting it as fact. He has no regard for truth.

    There is so far no dispute by ANY named current government offical, or any current military or intelligence source, EVEN from FOX NEWS, claiming that intelligence used from Enhanced Interrogation Techniques employed by Americans gave the U.S. the name of the courier or the location or even led to the kill.

    The only info that any American military official or any American intelligence official has claimed (as of this moment) was received via an American interrogation that resulted in the OBL assassination….is info that came from Guantanimo Bay from 2007 and onward.
    [1] first of all, no Enhanced Interrogation ( torture) was ever used at Gitmo. It was not even used in Gitmo prior to 2007.
    [2] EIT was used in CIA black sites prior to 2008- in 2007 Bush stopped EIT ( torture)
    [3] no military or intelligence official as of this moment claims that info from EIT ( torture) from prior to 2008 was used in the OBL assassination ( as of this minute)
    [4] ( even Rumsfeld said [2] in an interview on May 2, 2011.
    [5] Furthermore, any information that came from even CIA black sites from 2008 and on could NOT have come from EIT because GW Bush stopped the CIA from using EIT in 2007 because the Supreme Court said it was illegal to torture, and in response, Bush stopped EIT ( Bush knew he could be sued, jailed, and hung for the use of torture if he was convicted after he left office)
    [6] So any info from EIT that came to catch bin laden could ( even acc. to GW BUSH and Rumsfeld) only have come into possession of the United States from 2007 and prior, and only from the CIA black sights where the torture ( EIT) was used. And no such claim has been made by an military or intelligence source as of May 4, 2011.

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