Frum Man Electrocuted From Live Wires

(Sunday, August 28th, 2011 07:49 PM)

Tragedy has struck the Monsey community, when a man was electrocuted by live wires from the hurricane.

According to initial reports, Hatzolah was dispatched to Merrick and Union for live wires which fell down from the strong winds – and struck a child. An adult attempted to get him out safely, and was electrocuted as well.

Hatzolah paramedics transported the victims to Westchester Medical Center. One victim has R”L been pronounced dead. The child is reportedly in critical condition. Please be Mispallel for Reuven Dovid ben Chava Leah.

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UPDATE 2:45PM EST: The Niftar was R’ Moshe Yosef Reichenberg A”H an alumnus of Ohr Somayach. A real tzadik, who gave up his own life to save a neigbor’s child. Levaya details will be posted as soon as they become available.

Please continue to be mispalel for Chaim Reuven Dovid ben Chava Leah – Please note the name “Chaim” has been added.

YWN PHOTO LINK: Click HERE for photos.

Further details to follow…

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  1. MonseyMedic says:

    It was not his father. It was a passerby that saw the child and ran out to help and he was r’l niftar.

  2. chevraman says:

    The niftar was R’ Moshe Yosef Reichenberg A”H an alumnus of Ohr Somayach. A real tzadik, who gave up his own life to save a neigbor’s child. Levaya details will be posted as soon as they become available.

    Please continue to be mispalel for Ruvain Dovid ben Chava Leah

  3. chevraman says:

    Levaya will be today 5pm @ Ohr Somayach – 244 Route 306, Monsey

  4. chevraman says:

    Correction – Levaya will be at 5:30 at Ohr Somayach – Beit Shvidler Auditorium

  5. chaimss says:

    Time has been updated- it will now be at 5:30 PM- same place.

  6. Bowwow says:

    News 12 has just reported that the Mayor of Spring Valley says that the downed wire was called in to Orange & Rockland at 2:30am and not dealt with.

    Please be aware that this wire was down on the ground in a puddle of water. Just because it looks safe outside it may not be.

  7. reuven millman says:

    Moshe Yosef was a wonderful person-I remember the day he walked into Ohr Someyach- so easy to get along with, never spoke poorly about anyone-at an Ohr Someyach dinner he told a story about how, after Meir Schuster gave him tefillin with the promise of putting it on every day, as he travelled around the world, he said “and I put it on every day-Shabbos, Yom Kippur”-it cracked the whole room up—no matter what troubles life handed him, he always seemed to handle them with an attitude that he understood that they were from Shemayim, and that somehow they were going to make him a better Jew-I am sorry that I hadn’t kept up with him over the years-He was a diamond of a person, and I am sure that he never thought of the danger to himself for a second when he was going in the water to try to save these children. I am deeply distressed that people would let their children go out and play outside after a hurricane with downed trees and wires everywhere-but-what can I say?–Moshe Yosef-You were a great friend in the years that we spent together in Ohe Someyach, and may your death somehow be a kaparra for the Jewish people to save us from more tragedy.

  8. festaguy1 says:


  9. monseyss says:

    The 6 year old monsey boy who was electrocuted yesterday, needs Rachamei Shomayim. His brain has swelling and he is in a coma. Please Daven for Chaim Reuven Dovid ben Chava Leah.

  10. nmama says:

    I wish that someone could tell us more about this great man, Reb Moshe Yosef, z”l who lost his life while trying to save a child. He must have great zechusim to be given such a great mitzvah. If anyone knows more about him, please share. Maybe YWN can do a little bit of research and give us a proper hesped for this amazing man.

  11. daniel steinberg says:

    I recall an incident with Moshe Yosef in late December 1988. After 15 months of night seder at Ohr Somayach, I had finally gotten approval from my employer to take a leave of absence to learn full-time. At age 25, I experienced for the first time the joy of waking up for a day of learning Torah. Not wanting to squander a second, I got up in time for the 6:15 bekiyus shiur, and bounded exuberantly down the path to the Beis Midrash. Moshe Yosef was walking ahead of me, and I greeted him with a hearty pat on the back, sending his coffee flying. Moshe Yosef smiled, shrugged and continued walking with me.

    Throughout his life, this is how Moshe Yosef handled the yisurim that Hashem sent his way, whether it was losing a cup of coffee, losing all of his possessions in a fire or taking care of his wife through her prolonged illness. May Hashem give strength to his almana Ruth Miriam and their children, and may Moshe Yosef be a melitz yosher for us all.

  12. aturetsky says:

    Here’s are the relevant details about the niftar, zt”l and about exactly what happened:

    And, no, the boy and his father were not being negligent, as you can see from the article.

    May Hashem bless Chaim Reuven Dovid ben Chava Leah with a complete and speedy refuah!

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