OWS: Who Is The Now Famous Bloodied Cry-Baby, & What Did He Do?


He is world-famous now.

We have all see the photo.

The crying, bloodied, 20-year-old protester being taken by cops out of Zuccotti Park, Thursday afternoon.

Now the NY Times has some info behind this particular incident:

A protester who was led out of Zuccotti Park on Thursday morning with blood streaming from his face had thrown a small battery at police officers and taken a deputy inspector’s hat, the police said. He was charged with attempted assault and grand larceny.

The police said the man identified himself as Brandon Watts, 20, and has been arrested at least four times since the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations began.

The police offered this account of Mr. Watts’s confrontation:

Around 3:20 p.m., Mr. Watts climbed up on a wall inside Zuccotti Park and began throwing objects at officers outside the barricade along Liberty Street, starting with pieces of a plastic pen. He then threw a AAA battery, and motioned to officers that he was ready to fight. The officers ignored him.

Mr. Watts went up to the officers, grabbed the barrier between him and them and began pushing and kicking it, shoving it against the officers. Mr. Watts grabbed a deputy inspector’s hat and ran back into the park. The officers ran after him. He resisted arrest, kicking officers, and when he was brought down, he struck his head, causing bleeding. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital Center, where he was treated but not admitted.

(Source: NY Times)


  1. Who cares! Too bad he is still among the living. He will probably continue to mooch off the public till his dying day – may that come speedily in our days!

  2. Achmadinijad was a young 20 year old who was personally involved in the Iranian revolution in 1979 when they stormed the American Embassy in Tehran & took the Americans hostage. Now 30 years later he’s the Iranian president. Now this “loser” is occupying wall street one day he may occupy the white house. You never know.

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  5. No. 1: This story comes from what you call the New York Slimes, so why would you believe it? Allow me to answer my own question: because it is consistent with your opinion.

  6. 11. Of course the slimes would publish this. I still say, I firmly believe this lazy person who was probably born with a silver spoon in his puny mouth, is lucky (and we are unfortunate) that he is among the living.

  7. No. 14: Your talent for gleaning information in the complete absence of any facts is breathtaking. How do you know that the person in the picture is (a) lazy, (b) born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and (c) lucky to be alive. As for point (c), the only basis for such a conclusion would be a belief that the New York City police kill anyone who throws batteries at them. If that is your belief, you obviously have a low opinion of the police.