Shmura Matzoh Prices Rise Ever So Slowly


matzo.jpgPrices for the coveted Shmura Matzohs rose only nominally despite the economy and the steep increases in commodity prices. Most of the bakeries reached by KosherToday said that they were cognizant of the hardship consumers faced in the continuing recession.

The cheapest box of shmura matzo can be found at D & T Shmura Bakery in Crown Heights for $18.50/lb, a $0.75 increase per pound over 2008 prices.

At Boro Park Matzoh Bakery, a pound went for $19.50, also increased by $0.75.

Chareidim Shmura Matzoh Bakery in Boro Park and Kehilath Yakov Matzo Bakery in Williamsburg both offer their product for $21 a pound. This is only $0.50 more than Chareidim charged last year, and $1 more for Kehilath Yakov.

Williamsburg’s Satmar Shmura Hand-Matzoh Bakery sells its standard shmura matzo for $20 a pound, but also has a “heimieshe mayleh” variety that goes for $23.

In New Jersey, the Lakewood Shmura Matzoh Bakery offers matzo made both before and after Purim, for $18 and $20, respectively. Their gluten free oat matzo is pricier, selling for $23 for a half pound.

Standard Gefen and Rokeach handmade round shmura matzos are also both available online for $19.99 a pound.

(Source: Kosher Today)


  1. OK Lets take a breather here. If they are so concerned let them not raise their prices ata ll!
    1) They did not have to raise their salaries to their workers
    2) As a FACT, commodities are lower this time of year in comparrison to same time last year.
    3) So lets be real. No reason for a raise and only a person whose knows nothing of the real business world would let your justification be pulled over their eyes.
    4) let me guess next year succos…esrogim only slightly raised because of the high gas prices????
    Ceck a commodoties chart on wheat and see for yourself.

  2. Please don’t tell us how commodity prices are rising when the price of wheat and therefore flour is down close to 50% from its peak last spring.

    The price of Matzoh is absolutely outragous.

  3. What about eating Machine Made Shmura Matzahs instead of Hand made Shmura Matzoh during the entire chag. This could be an affordable solution.

  4. There is nothing wrong with machine matzah. Its ridiculous to pay that much for matzah. People have to start eating beans and other legumes. Many gedolim of the past said that the idea of avoiding legumes is just foolish.

  5. all the groise chachomim out there should realize that all shmura matzah is yoshon which means the wheat was purchased and cut at the end of June at the PEAK of the rise in commodity prices.

  6. #7 so what was the excuse last year to raise prices so drastically? They used the bogus excuse that the price for a bushel of wheat went up dramatically. Dude you can’t have it both ways. Like #5 & #6 said machine Shmura is the way to go.

  7. To number 1 and others:

    Keep in my mind when you get a “bargain” that you may very well be spending your hard earned cash on matzos that were baked at Chanukah. The bargain fizzles when your mishpacha takes that first long anticipated bite at the seder.

    Matzo boxes should be required to state the date of baking.

  8. I’ve seen the price jump every year by a dollar from $8 to $21 this year.At this rate if Mashiach
    doesn’t come we’ll be paying $50 per pound in 30 years.This is not Lechem Oni this is bread of rich people.Do they have a Futures Market for matzah shmura on Wall Street?probably guaranteed to always go up every year!!

  9. #6…can you name some of these ‘anonymous’ gedolim and where i can see thier psak . all who have this minhuk of kitnious include poiskai hador and holy tzaddikim with us now and privious generations and you little mitget (compared to them) take the achraious to say ‘foolish’?

  10. #8 it is simple. Last year’s yoshon grain was available to bring to market. Therefore, it commanded the market price regardless of the original cost. You bought it as yoshon, but it could have been sold without that tag for the same price. The seller realized a huge profit, but could have realized the same profit by selling it to market. If I bought gold in 2000 and sold it today, I would still get $1000 even though I paid only $400.

    This year, you could buy new grain, at the lowered commodity price or you could buy yoshon grain, which was bought by the seller at peak prices a year ago. It is your choice what to buy, but clearly the yoshon seller is not going to take a loss if you choose to buy yoshon.

    Next year, if commodity prices are still depressed you should see the reduction. In any year, the price of yoshon will be the maximum of 1) last year’s price plus the cost of storage
    2)the current market price of the grain.

  11. #8 so whats your problem…go ahead and eat mashine matzohs, and if sowhats the complain on the hand shmureh matzoh? #11…hand shmurah is a hiddur so buy machine matzoh as low as $4.00 a lb. can you go to a lexus dealer and complain why he doent charge same as chevy?

  12. Hand Shmurah may be a Hiddur at the Seder, where Lishma is needed. However, for the entire Pesach, machine Shmurah is perfectly acceptable. Even at the Seder, some Poskim prefer machine Shmurah, because the uniform processing makes any possibility of Chametz much more remote than with hand Shmurah. One of my Roshei Yeshiva, a real Brisker (he waits around 120 minutes after Shkiya to do Melacha on Motzei Shabbos), only uses Machine Shmurah for this reason. In Baltimore, machine Shmurah is going for $6.99 a pound. Do the math, and decide if hand Shmurah is worth the price.

  13. i think that people should think about the owner of the matza bakerys they all so need a parnosa? some of them learn the rest of the year!!!! all so do you know how much workers cost do u know the price of fire wood, coal, gas, ect.?? so how can u talk? with out even knowing the basics!!!!