Kallah Sues for Damages After Being Dumped Via Text Message


A 22-year-old kallah is seeking compensatory damages after being dumped by her chosson via an SMS text message to her mobile phone.

Yediot Achronot reports the two were scheduled to get married until they had an argument two weeks before the chupah, surrounding finances. They spoke on the phone following the dispute and then she sent him a text message saying “I do not wish to fight over money. Please let’s calm down for now” and she received a message back from the chosson “I took care of the problem. There won’t be any wedding”.

The kallah made numerous attempts to calm him down but to no avail. The wedding is off. The kallah has now decided to seek compensation for wedding plans, pain, suffering and whatever amounting to 250,000 NIS.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. So she wants to force him to marry her? Once she is calculating her “compensation” package, She should deduct the value of avoiding future legal fees to litigate her divorce, and the value of the pain and suffering she is avoiding by not entering a doomed marriage. (sorry about the double negatives)

  2. the answer to people who have horrid character is NOT to ban cell phones! how about teaching people to be decent, upstanding people who have values and treat people with respect?? Have we forgotten that that is what being a Torah jew is all about?? This has nothing to do with cell phones. This is about a self-centered, ‘it’s all about me’ attitude. and it’s the source of destruction. if someone has underlying character that’s fit for a thug, it’s going to come out through any means he gets his hands on. To blame this on cell phones is to have completely missed the boat. it’s time to stop preaching frumkeit start teaching yiras shomayim.

  3. Whats does this have to do with cell phones. If not for cell phones he would have told her in person. And if anything according to your logic thank you for cell phones. If not for cell phones they would have probably had gotten married and divorced which would have been a lot worse. Thank you for cell phones and especially texting.

  4. naturally, we do not know the whole story so people jumping to conclusions is not fair. However, from the context of the story– a 22 year old kallah, a chosin, and a fight over money, sounds like these two where playing house ( mommy and daddys money is being fought over not their own zayas apecha) so, if you don’t have any skin in the game ( i.e. can at least try to make your own way in a marraige and not rely on tzedakka {i.e. family)) it s real easy to simply sms and say goodbye.

    we’ve forgotten our chazal– first the house, then the kaylim, THEN the kallah–

  5. #4 Is Right!!!!

    Although Cell phones can be used for bad things, in this particular case it had nothing to do with it.

    Selfish brat is more what this story portrays! (that is if u believe the story, it is coming from the most reliable source Yediot Achrnut aka Idiot at last)

  6. #2: She is not seeking enforcement, she is seeking compensatory damages (or, in the Lashon HaGemarah, he is seeking Nezek, Tzaar, and Boshes). In common tort law, this is called Breach of Promise, Breach of Promise to Marry, or Heart Balm (depending on the jurisdiction). Most jurisdictions have abolished it (NY, NJ, and PA, to name some relevant ones). In states that still have it, they require a written contract – like… Tana’im??? – to adjudicate such a breach. In this case, she is probably seeking adjudication of the Tana’im, which is why they are there in the first place.